Pilgrims Live 2004 Gloucester - Chester : Justice & Peace


This year's cross:

The 2004 pilgrimage seemed tough physically - and this was confirmed by our resident statistician. Among other notable facts, it had the longest longest day (22.75 miles) and the longest shortest day (14.3 miles) for some years. (Think about it long enough - it does make sense.)

It was also hilly. Although I suspect that all pilgrimages have had hills, the 2004 seemed to have at least one, if not several, every day.

This year, rather than focussing on a particular saint somehow associated with our destination, we reflected on the theme of 'Justice & Peace'. This was broken down into a particular topic for reflection each day and led to a broad range of subjects for prayer stops.

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DAY 1: Saturday 14 August
Journey to Gloucester

DAY 2: Sunday 15 August
Gloucester to Tewkesbury

DAY 3: Monday 16 August
Tewkesbury to Malvern

DAY 4: Tuesday 17 August
Malvern to Bromyard

DAY 5: Wednesday 18 August
Bromyard to Leominster

DAY 6: Thursday 19 August

DAY 7: Friday 20 August
Leominster to Ludlow

DAY 8: Saturday 21 August
Ludlow to Church Stretton

DAY 9: Sunday 22 August
Church Stretton to Shrewsbury

DAY 10: Monday 23 August

DAY 11: Tuesday 24 August
Shrewsbury to Oswestry

DAY 12: Wednesday 25 August
Oswestry to Llangollen

DAY 13: Thursday 26 August
Llangollen to Wrexham

DAY 14: Friday 27 August
Wrexham to Chester

DAY 15: Saturday 28 August

DAY 16: Sunday 29 August
Homeward bound from Chester


5 - 7 November
Reunion in Crawley

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Created: 2/9/04

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