Magnificat - Evesham to Salisbury 2008

Epsom Reunion

Gathering on Halloween? Someone was in the spirit! After a light supper, we adjourned to pub for a pleasant evening reminiscing. Then back to the hall, and a late night for some!

Saturday morning, up quite early to get the walk done in daylight. A good cooked breakfast was on offer.

Joan tries to make sure we all eat enough, but offering bacon and sausage to veggie Louise is probably not going to work.

David arrives to join us for the walk as we leave St Joseph's.

It's not the warmest morning, and rather grey too. Still we're happy to be walking.

A short walk to Grace Baptist Church...

...where Keith led the reflection.

David and Keith - and a very autumnal day.

We followed the railway, so just for Jules...

Several houses had Halloween things up, not many on this scale though!

Through the woods...

...and along the A24 for a short way

Brings us to St Giles at Ashtead.

John met us here, claiming a bad back prevented walking.

Inside the church, where Mark led prayers.

Off through the colourful autumn leaves

A pleasant but not very photogenic walk (as the drizzle started) took us to Headley, where we had an early lunch at the Cock...

...before crossing to St Mary the Virgin...

...inside for prayers...

...and a welcome from the local clergy.

Now the rain was really setting in...

...and protection was required.

The rain continued, the puddles got bigger...

...but we're still happy!

Soon we reached St Peter's at Walton-on-the-Hill...

Impressive cast font...

...and light units decorated with St Peter's Keys

Maurice led a reflection based on his journey to Santiago de Compostela

Backmarker Jonny shows the way

...which is round the pond...

...then a longish slog in heavier, colder rain, eventually crossing Epsom Racecourse then dropping (I nearly typed dripping, which would have been apt) down into Epsom and back to a warm, dry welcome at St Joseph's.

Frances helped Joan with the catering, but failed to notice that there was a lid on the trifle onto which she piped whipped cream!

After videos and slideshow came an excellent supper, accompanied by music from the Mike O'Mara Band

John and Monica dropped in.

Pilgrim musicians were invited to join the band.

Father Abraham HAD to be done

And so, reluctantly, to bed. It had been a great day.

Sunday morning, a relatively early start to clear the hall(s) before 9:30 Mass, many of us joining the service, followed by coffee, a useful planning meeting for those remaining, then home again.

Thanks to Danny, Norma, Joan, Mary, Fred and Sue for a great weekend