Lindisfarne Pilgrimage 2009

Hove Reunion

We gathered at St Peter's for a slideslow, a sing-song, and a little refreshment.

Godwin clearly enjoyed it!

Saturday morning, after breakfast, it's round to the church next door...

The front markers head off

Frances clearing the kitchen

In the church...

Mark led our reflection.

Off we go - the early rain had eased to a general dampness.

Synchronising phones for a luncheon liaison.

Synchronising knee supports.

Louise starts backmarking duties.

Down to the sea front, then along past the colourful beach huts.

Sea on the other side of course.

On along the shingle beach.

The tide reaching the arrows along the water's edge.

Alexe is walking!

The groynes have seen better days.

Cormorants on sticks?

Gill passes the safety notices as we approach Shoreham Harbour.

Across the gates of Prince George's Lock.

We found the frontmarkers in a pub - quelle surprise!

Sam brought a new pilgrim, Harriet, along with him.

Colin joined us, and found a friend.

Joan leads Catherine astray.

A Cosham moment?

Off through the park...

...striding out.

The climb begins, around Mile Oak.

Sam and Harriet take a breather from the climb.

Martyn with squaddie head on - march or die!

The Devil's Dyke pub in the mist.

Linda and Julian joined us for lunch (Yes, trains were discussed).

Backmarkers throw us out of the pub.

Fred and Sue heading for Hove.

Down we go...

Pat joined us for the afternoon, walking with Joan.

More pilgrims.

Front markers enter Hove.

Look what Patrick's been up to...

...and where!

Fancy dress fun!