Festival 50 Jubilee Celebration Pilgrimage 2015

Festival 50 Jubilee Celebration Pilgrimage

Festival 50 Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 1

A&B Pilgrimages will be tweeting all the #Festival50 Pilgrimage action from Friday morning through to Sunday .... John Chenery

The Dorking pilgrims load the car before setting off to Arundel. John Chenery

Registration for the pilgrimage was in the Cathedral Centre (formerly known as St Mary's Hall). Pilgrimage leader Patrick Reeve was at the top of the steps. pilgrim David

The Redhill group arrive with their banner. pilgrim David

Pilgrim musicians play as Communion comes to an end at the mass that kicked off the pilgrimage with Bishop Richard celebrating. John Chenery

Close up of the musicians. pilgrim David

Patrick does the Arrows Talk. pilgrim David

At the end of mass, the pilgrimage commissioning service: pilgrims queue to receive their crosses from Bishop Richard. We have got to M in the alphabet! John Chenery

The banner carriers set off in procession from the altar (the one in this picture is the walking pilgrimage's own banner which Althea had made for us). John Chenery

All the pilgrims then followed them down the aisle .. pilgrim David

Gathering outside the cathedral, we found to our surprise and delight that Patrick had arranged for the Celebration Samba band (those guys in white) to be in attendance. John Chenery

More banners - parishes had sent not only pilgrims but also banners! John Chenery

The samba band led us down the hill into the centre of Arundel. John Chenery

An unusual view of Arundel Cathedral! pilgrim David

Approaching the castle. John Chenery

Pilgrims departing Arundel on Friday morning behind parish banners and the wonderful Celebration Samba band Patrick Reeve

Bishop Richard joined us for the first few miles, and he brought a camera too. pilgrim David

A tweet arrives from the official diocesan Twitter account: "#Festival50 now underway as Walking pilgrims set off from Arundel Cathedral with #BishopRichardMoth" Diocese of A&B

Backmarkers guarded the banners, waiting for the van to collect them, as the pilgrims continued on their way without them. John Chenery

The last view of Arundel. John Chenery

The shadow of an leaf on a sunlit pilgrim arrow is guaranteed to attract pilgrim David! John Chenery

and here is the result pilgrim David

Not that pD is the only one who likes photographing arrows. John Chenery

A tweet arrives from the diocesan youth officer: "Jack Regan So wish I was on the walking pilgrimage today rather than in a hot office!!" Jack Regan

Both photographers in this group of pilgrims. John Chenery

It was a very hot day so we appreciated most of the morning route being through woodland. John Chenery

Met by another David and his drinks car at Michelgrove John Chenery

The backmarkers pilgrim David

Rev. Gail deals with the lost souls of her feet? As pilgrims enjoy the lunch time stop in Findon on Friday Patrick Reeve

A tweet from us to the diocesan account (manned by Mark Woods): "Hi Diocese of A&B I have done loads of photo tweets today as A&B Pilgrimages quoting #festival50" John Chenery

Pilgrims spending their lunch break in the garden of the Village House pub at Findon. John Chenery

Others were inside. John Chenery

The wider scene. John Chenery

But not every pilgrim wants their photo taken. John Chenery

Too many pilgrims to fit in one pub in Findon: the garden of the The Gunn was also occupied! John Chenery

A reply to our tweet from the diocese: " A&B Pilgrimages Brilliant. Thank You :)" and after that they retweeted some of our photo tweets from their account. Diocese of A&B

Out in the open on the glorious South Downs in the afternoon. John Chenery

The rolling hills stretch before us. John Chenery

A Random Photo for testing Aidan Simons

The drinks car, and the van, with the rolled up banners resting against it, were waiting for us by Bramber Church John Chenery

Bramber Church John Chenery

Inside Bramber church John Chenery

Processing with the banners from Bramber to Upper Beeding. That's Fr Tony Milner carrying the St Josephs Dorking one. John Chenery

Arrival at the Towers Convent School pilgrim David

Today's walk complete, we gather outside the chapel of the Towers Convent School, where we would be bedding down for the night in the hall, just as soon as a students' performance of the Lion King had completed. John Chenery

Dinner, provided by the in-house team. pilgrim David

The next people to get in touch with us via Twitter were the Celebration Samba group, with news that we hadn't seen the last of them:" A&B Pilgrimages Celebration Samba pleased to be helping to lead the pilgrims out and well, as for Sunday ...#festival50" Celebration Samba

Sarnie-bashing at the Towers. pilgrim David

Festival 50 Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 2

Mass with the sisters in the chapel pilgrim David

Breakfast at the Towers John Chenery

Farewell to the Towers Convent sisters who hosted us so magnificently (but we would see them again on Sunday at the AMEX at the Blessed Sacrament Sisters stall and we will be staying at The Towers again on the Arundel Pilgrimage in August) John Chenery

Gathered for the off. John Chenery

Climbing towards Truleigh Hill John Chenery

Nearing the top. John Chenery

A road runs along the top. John Chenery

Drinks stop outside the youth hostel. John Chenery

On top of the world on the South Downs Way John Chenery

The rolling downland. John Chenery

View to the west. John Chenery

View to the north. John Chenery

Lunch at the Devil's Dyke Hotel John Chenery

Monica came to meet us. pilgrim David

Pub sign featuring hang-glider. John Chenery

The frontmarkers ready to depart John Chenery

The dyke John Chenery

almost reached the bottom John Chenery

The pilgrims struggled to identify this yellow bird. Are yellowhammers so yellow? John Chenery

Pyecombe Church where we had a drinks stop. John Chenery

More downland. John Chenery

Pilgrims walking along the downs on Saturday afternoon Patrick Reeve

and 9 minutes later, still they come! John Chenery

First view of the AMEX stadium (you could just see part of the roof)! John Chenery

This was a much better view, honest! John Chenery

Gathering in Stanmer Park John Chenery

Waiting for the back markers to catch up in Stanmer Park. John Chenery

Pilgrims processing through Stanmer Park on Saturday evening Patrick Reeve

A&B PilgrimagesPatrick leads us John Chenery

and on down the road heading for our accommodation at Sussex University John Chenery

More of the banners. John Chenery

back on the grass John Chenery

The walking pilgrimage's own banner brings up the rear John Chenery

Van driver Howard relaxes in our accommodation - a large Sussex University Sports Hall pilgrim David

Dinner was provided by university catering staff in a Students Union bar pilgrim David

Some young pilgrims returned to the hall ... pilgrim David

while others stayed in the bar for the singsong John Chenery

He's got the whole world in his hands John Chenery

Festival 50 Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Festival 50

Toast monitors in the rain! John Chenery

Even in the gents there is no escape from pilgrim David's camera! pilgrim David

Samba band leads pilgrims out of Sussex University Sports Centre... in the rain Patrick Reeve

Following the band through the tunnel under the A27- the acoustics! pilgrim David

On the approach to the stadium John Chenery

The band halted and entertained us for a few minutes longer. There is also video of this here (scroll down) John Chenery

Prayer about to begin with Bishop Richard at #Festival50 Walking Pilgrims arriving with banners A&B Pilgrimages Diocese of A&B

Having entered the stadium, pilgrims process around the edge of the pitch. John Chenery

we took our seats for morning prayer. After prayer Cardinal Cormac wandered past and Louise captured this meeting of great leaders. John Chenery

in close up pilgrim David

Nick and John Lamb meet up pilgrim David

A&B Pilgrimages #Festival50 after communion at mass John Chenery

The West Stand John Chenery

It's F Sharp Minor! pilgrim David

Farewell to the AMEX Stadium pilgrim David

And so ended a fantastic weekend. Huge amounts of thanks are due to Patrick for all his hard work and passion, and to the dozens of others who helped in one way or another. Pilgrimage2012