Arundel Pilgrimage 2015

Reunion: Farnham

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - 40 Year Reunion

it's our 40th birthday this weekend, and we're celebrating in Farnham, where it all began long long ago... Pilgrimage 2012

In St Thomas of the Bourne church, we found a series of displays: Easter Garden, Palm Sunday and this one of the last supper. John Chenery

sandy heath terrain John Chenery

front markers' perks Frensham Brewery Ramblers pale ale Pilgrimage 2012

A micro brewery on the route! John Chenery

back markers at the micro brewery John Chenery

Frensham Little Pond , Front Markers View Pilgrimage 2012

Frensham Little Pond John Chenery

Duke of Cambridge Tilford John Chenery

Duke of Cambridge Tilford John Chenery

John Chenery

alien orange arrow John Chenery

Crosses ready for the procession Pilgrimage 2012

Crosses laid before the altar as we give thanks for 40 years of pilgrimages Pilgrimage 2012

celebration meal John Chenery

The Cake that Clare made John Chenery

40 Years of singsongs ... John Chenery

John Chenery

Thanks to Ceri, Aidan Simons, Alison and Clare for organising a successful and enjoyable reunion at Farnham. John Chenery

Today it closed with breakfast, Anglican Communion at St Andrews, mass at St Joan of Arc then the committee meeting. John Chenery