Arundel Pilgrimage 2016

Reunion: Banstead

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Reunion

It's the pilgrimage reunion weekend. Here we are in the hall of St Ann's Church Banstead John Chenery

The three Johns - John Carmody arrived later or there would have been four! Ceri Potts

Arrow cutting! John Chenery

John Chenery

John Chenery

Melvina and Sue - Admiring the Autumn Colour (or had been seconds earlier) Ceri Potts

Francis, Grace and Peter (leading the field at a sprint) Ceri Potts

3 Musketeers? Steven, Maurice and John kindly stop for the camera Ceri Potts

Poster of Shabden or should it be 'Shameden' as camera battery then failed. Maurice Hickman

Now where are these two disappearing off? Ceri Potts

The Well House in was a great place for lunch Ceri Potts

A foggy Chipstead Bottom on a lovely and fresh morning Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

Cradle Roll - 'Wisdom of God' Lower Kingswood Grace Bradley

The Beautiful 'Byzantine' Church - Wisdom of God Grace Bradley

Our Prayer Stop at Wisdom of God - Lower Kingswood - A warm welcome, tea and biscuits, a short history of the church and a prayer service led by the vicar Rev'd Christine Colton (I think!) Grace Bradley

Wisdom of God, Lower Kingswood, One of many beautiful features Grace Bradley

After the prayer stop; Wisdom of God, Lower Kingswood Grace Bradley

Gerry was a welcome sight for the pilgrims who thought the last couple of miles were '2 too many'. Grace Bradley

Carol abandoned Grace and hitched a lift with Gerry at the Epsom race course Grace Bradley

Lily and Catherine happily back in the hall after the walk. Well done Lily a great achievement for you. Grace Bradley

Relaxing after dinner and singing John Chenery

Arrow management is always necessary after a walk John Chenery

Breakfast time John Chenery

John Chenery

John Chenery

A tidied hall John Chenery

The host team John Chenery

St Ann's Church Banstead before mass. John Chenery

John, Ceri, Jim and Brendan - after Mass and getting ready to leave Grace Bradley

Farewell St Ann's hall John Chenery

farewell St Ann's Church John Chenery

A final goodbye to Gerry and Brendan. Thanks to you all for sharing the weekend. Grace Bradley

Many thanks to Richard and Mark and Clare and Chris and Brendan and Gerry for organising a fantastic reunion, with Ceri providing essential administrative support. John Chenery