St Winefried's Pilgrimage 2017

Day 12: Conwy to Llangernyw

For much of today we follow minor roads as the paths around here are neglected. We head south from Conwy, following the valley of the River Conwy upstream, crossing the river at Tal-y-cafn. Then we head into a sparsely populated area of hill farms. The only church we pass for a prayer stop is next to the pub which is opening specially for our lunch. At the end of the day we walk into Llangernyw on the North Wales Pilgrims Way, a long distance route which starts at Basingwerk Abbey - which we will visit on our last day - and finishes at Caldy Island. We follow parts of it in the "wrong" direction today and tomorrow.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 12

The two adjacent halls we stayed in for the rest day in Conwy:Anglican on left; Methodist on right. John Chenery

Today's Pilgrim Eucharist in St John's Methodist Church, Conwy John Chenery

Frontmarker Susie Duffy

Today's backmarkers John Chenery

Leaving Conwy behind. John Chenery

Front marker enjoying the view Susie Duffy

Heading upstream in the valley of the River Conwy John Chenery

Looking back towards Conwy John Chenery

Wonderful views on the walk from Conwy to Llangernyw Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

John Chenery

Looks quite a "climb" Danny Thomas

Today's leader described the morning as flat! John Chenery

Over the Conwy at Tal y Cafn John Chenery

First view of Eglwsbach. Looks like we will be early for lunch! John Chenery

Lunch at the Bee Inn, Eglwsbach - can also see St Martin's Church at the top of the picture. John Chenery

The Bee Inn, Eglwysbach John Chenery

Ceri, Sue and John laughing at Michaels attempt to hide behind the pole outside the Bee Inn Bernie Magee

In St Martin's Church, Eglwysbach John Chenery

The current church at Eglwsbach, St Martin's, is not small! John Chenery

This afternoon I am an additional frontmarker and the Pilgrims are on our tail! John Chenery

Nearly a serious accident. This newly-created straw bale had rolled 100 yards down a hill, bounced over the hedge and landed on its end in the middle of the road, just yards behind the day leader Ann, who knew nothing about it until she heard it land. Pilgrims further back saw the incident unfolding, but didn't see where the bale ended up. Edward Stork

The frontmarkers Ann, Henriette, Louise and Ann. Louise and I only frontmarked in the afternoon, as we had planned an improvement which avoided walking along an A road at the end of the day. John Chenery

Obstruction on the pilgrimage route! John Chenery

There was good news for pilgrims when we arrived at Ysgol Bro Cernyw in Llangernyw tonight. John Chenery

A night time shot of the hall for a change. Ysgol Bro Cernyw. John Chenery

Mrs Ann Vaughan giving us a talk about Sir Henry Jones in the Llangernyw museum, which she opened up for us. Adding to the warm welcome we have received here. Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

In the Old Stag in Llangernyw. The landlord here had generously given the stranded Ann and Henriette a lift back to their B&B in Llandudno when they were route planning earlier in the year. John Chenery

John Chenery