St Winefried's Pilgrimage 2017

Day 15: Pantasaph to Holywell

This is a gentle morning's walk from Pantasaph into our pilgrimage destination, St Winefride's Well on the outskirts of Holywell. We have a short climb on leaving the friary but soon find ourselves walking through fields with beautiful views of the Dee estuary. We make a stop at the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey which has a visitor centre and café before approaching Holywell from the north-east through the town's heritage park.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 15

Statue of St. Padre Pio in our accommodation Danny Thomas

Stuart relaxing before back marking. Edward Stork

Pilgrim Hall Pantasaph Friary John Chenery

St David's Church at Pantasaph, where we had our service yesterday evening. John Chenery

Today's backmarkers John Chenery

Looking back to those Clwydian Hills which we crossed yesterday. John Chenery

John Chenery

Looking across to the Wirral peninsula and beyond that the Lancashire coast where we walked on the 2014 pilgrimage John Chenery

The end of the Wirral peninsula and an orange arrow that doesn't show up very well John Chenery

John Chenery

panoramic view of the Dee Estuary Danny Thomas

John Chenery

Tree. John Chenery

Reading about the industrial heritage of what is now called the Greenfield Valley. Copper mining was big here. John Chenery

The ruins of Basingwerk Abbey. John Chenery

Display about the North Wales Pilgrims Way which starts here. We have seen much of this. John Chenery

Some pilgrims have found the cafe. John Chenery

Francis gives final prayer stop at Basingwerk Abbey. Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

Prayer stop. Francis talks about Yew Trees. John Chenery

John Chenery

John Chenery

final prayer stop of the pilgrimage Danny Thomas

Jim has a feather or two in his hat Bernie Magee

"Let's all walk as one group for the final mile." Have you tried herding cats? John Chenery

We've arrived at St Winefride's Well in Holywell. John Chenery

Viewing the exhibition. John Chenery

Maurice takes a dip in the holy water. John Chenery

Maurice dipping in the well Danny Thomas

John Chenery

"The Lourdes of Wales" St. Winefride's Well Danny Thomas

Jim contemplating Danny Thomas

Colin healing his legs Danny Thomas

Stained glass of St Winefride and he uncle St Beuno - see the scar in her neck where he had reattached her severed head John Chenery

Gathered for the daily public service at the holy well itself, which feeds the bathing pool. John Chenery

The Well Danny Thomas

above the well Danny Thomas

Group photo by the pool John Chenery

John Chenery

Leaving the shrine for now (some of us will be back in the afternoon) John Chenery

Looking back to the tower of St James' Church above the shrine. John Chenery

Processing to the Catholic Church John Chenery

into the church John Chenery

St Winefride's RC Church, Holywell: the venue for our arrival service. John Chenery

gathering for final service Danny Thomas

Fr. David Danny Thomas

Leader Francis Danny Thomas

Our arrival service. Here Chris prays for the places visited on the 2 days led by the St Ann's Wanderers John Chenery

Playing the final hymn at the end of the arrival service John Chenery

Tonight we are staying in St Peter's Church, Holywell John Chenery

boots off! Danny Thomas

floral Danny Thomas

a windmill sans vanes in front of St. Peter's church Danny Thomas

Unloading the van. John Chenery

The pilgrims are claiming their bedspaces but a band is using the hall to practise. "Just want to dance the night away." John Chenery

Now it's Status Quo's Caroline John Chenery

local band rehearsing at our accommodation at St. Peter's church Danny Thomas

walking another 500 miles! Danny Thomas

Drying off after bathing in St Winifride's well Susie Duffy

Susan takes to the water Susie Duffy

In St James' Church, the one with the tower immediately above the well. John Chenery

It's cold Susie Duffy

John C chilling out Susie Duffy

It's Colin's third time Susie Duffy

Janet, Catherine and Marie catching the last rays of the sun Bernie Magee

Queuing for main course at the Celebration Meal. John Chenery

Between courses. John Chenery

Super chef Alison serving pudding to Howard and Maurice. John Chenery

Bernie deciding on what cheese Edward Stork

Coordinator Francis with 3 bottles that the pilgrims presented him with. John Chenery

Well deserved I am sure xx Lesley Brennan

celebrating the end of the pilgrimage Danny Thomas

Sing-song John Chenery

John Chenery

Singalong Edward Stork