St Winefried's Pilgrimage 2017

Day 5: Rest Day in Holyhead

Pilgrims are free to spend the day as they choose, but listen out for any announcements. Our hall is on the other side of the harbour to the town centre, but the Celtic Gateway Bridge provides a pedestrian link. A visit to Grade I listed St Cybi's Church is strongly recommended. This town is called Holyhead on Holy Island for a reason, and it will be found in the history of this church. St Cybi was given the old Roman Fort at Holyhead by the local king, and founded a monastery there. The present church is built on the site of that monastery. What else to do? Well, you could take the opportunity to catch a ferry to Dublin. Both Stena Line and Irish Ferries run ferries. But the crossing usually takes over 3 hours so you won't have much time on the Emerald Isle. Alternatively, 2 miles to the west of Holyhead is the "Holyhead Mountain" (only 722 ft above sea level), the highest point in the county of Anglesey; on a clear day, you can see Ireland from the top. An additional half mile away are the cliffs of South Stack, a famous point for viewing sea birds. There is also a maritime museum to the north of the town looking out to the breakwater. For more practical needs, the laundrette is in the town centre close to both St Cybi's and St Mary's RC churches (service times below), whilst the leisure centre is about a mile to the south down the Kingsland Road.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 5

John's dog, guarding his bed Edward Stork

Stuart guarding the main door of community center Edward Stork

Our rest day trip to Dublin by Stena Superfast X PolishPilgrims

PolishPilgrims Wow great idea xx Lesley Brennan

A rest day means it's launderette time. John Chenery

Dougie's camera skills leave a little to be desired as he photographs the intrepid mountaineers Bernie Magee

The intrepid mountaineers reach the very windy summit of Mt Holyhead Bernie Magee

Dougie and Lynn descending Mt Holyhead Bernie Magee

St Cybi's Church, Holyhead John Chenery

Sandwiches for tomorrow Edward Stork

View of the harbour from the Celtic Gateway Bridge John Chenery

Madame Bernie struggling with her 2 fish and chips Edward Stork