St Winefried's Pilgrimage 2017

Day 9: Benllech to Bangor

There is plenty of variety in today's walk. We start by continuing where we left off yesterday along the coast path, but the Anglesey Coast Path is too long to cover it all in 7 days of walking and again we have to break away from it, cutting through a hilly forest on our way back to the Menai Strait which separates Anglesey from the mainland of Wales. We visit St Tysilio's church, which is on an island in the strait, before crossing the Menai Bridge and heading into Bangor where we stay in the same hall as 8 nights previously.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 9

Bernie's morning exercise Edward Stork

Leaving Benllech Community and Ex-servicemen's Hall John Chenery

Our Lady of Lourdes RC John Chenery

Early morning view Edward Stork

After Sunday morning parish mass, a cake to welcome the Pilgrims featuring a red line which shows our route around Anglesey in spirit if not correct in detail. John Chenery

Mingling with the parishioners to eat the cake. I wonder who got the piece with the boots on. John Chenery

Sitting in the front pew! John Chenery

Henriette is ahead of the other backmarkers. John Chenery

Its a wonderful world Edward Stork

We'll be alright if we fall in the river and need to be rescued Bernie Magee

Climbing into the forest. John Chenery

John Chenery Looks steep! Danny Thomas

Everything in moderation,cough Edward Stork

St Sadwrn, Llansadwrn John Chenery

A closer shot. John Chenery

Pilgrims resting at first prayer stop Edward Stork

In St Sadwrn's. John Chenery

520AD St Sadwrn Memorial Stone John Chenery

Over a stile John Chenery

the welcome party waiting at St Tegfan's Alan Davies

Where next? Alan Davies

Frontmarkers ready to go Alan Davies

a welcome cuppa! Alan Davies

Psalm 104 appears to be relevant Alan Davies

Jane Cherret's welcome talk Alan Davies

The chair of the parish council welcomes us to St Tegfan's Church, Llandegfan and they gave us tea John Chenery

The backmarkers Alan Davies

Lunch at the Penycefn Inn John Chenery

St Tysilio's Church and the Britannia Bridge John Chenery

In St Tysilio's Church - small and candlelit John Chenery

A parishioner talks about the church history. John Chenery

Leaving St Tysilio's John Chenery

Approaching the Menai Bridge John Chenery

: Britannia Bridge from the Menai Bridge John Chenery

On the Menai Bridge John Chenery

Farewell Anglesey John Chenery

The damp finish to the day, as we left Anglesey behind, was only the 2nd time that it rained on us. John Chenery