The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018

Day 4: Wimborne Minster to Wareham

Today's walk is long but fairly flat and easy compared to most on this pilgrimage. We head out from Wimborne along the banks of the River Stour on the Stour Valley Way and then uphill to Pamphill to skirt the southern edge of Kingston Lacy (NT). We descend once more to the river and cross the 800 year old White Mill Bridge with adjacent 18th Century corn mill (NT). This is an idyllic way to enter the village of Sturminster Marshall with it's Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin which dates back to 1100 and the Red Lion Inn opposite. Of note the Village Green is home to one of the oldest Maypoles; the location of which probably dates back to 1101. The Village Stocks are also located here so beware any wayward pilgrims! After lunch and our Prayer Stop we pick up the Wareham Forest Way and head out of the Village through meadows to Henbury where we have to cross the A31 and then through Henbury Park - passing Henbury Hall - and crossing the A350. (Please be very vigilant when crossing these A roads.) The Wareham Forest Way takes us across fields to East Morden village where we stop at St Mary's Church for prayers. Outside the village the Wareham Forest Way and Hardy Way overlap through a forested area and emerge to cross the A35 and continue on a footpath alongside the road to Snail's Bridge. The Hardy Way goes through Morden Heath and Decoy Heath passing Lookout Towers and Decoy Ponds along the way. These areas form the Morden Bog National Nature Reserve which is rich in biodiversity and was once considered one of the boggiest places in Europe! Please stay on the designated footpaths. The Hardy Way then takes us through the centre of Wareham and down to the Quay and our accommodation.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 4

We stayed a little out of town in St John's Church Hall. Here we head back to the Minster in the morning. John Chenery

Wimborne Minster John Chenery

We arrived early so had time to relax before our service. John Chenery

Our service was in the crypt of Wimborne Minster again. Mary Hickman

Michael Preston presided over our Anglican Communion. John Chenery

"Adoramus Te" Fr Tony joins the musicians John Chenery

This man on one of the towers strikes the bells every quarter. John Chenery

The man represented on a kneeler John Chenery

Our schedule allows extra time to explore the Minster or... John Chenery

Last view of the Minster? (You need to click on the picture and look closely to see the tops of the towers.) John Chenery

crossing a series of meadows and stiles this morning John Chenery

bridge over the Stour John Chenery

View from the medieval bridge. John Chenery

St Mary the Virgin Sturminster Marshall John Chenery

Pilgrims enjoying a pub meal at the Red Lion, Sturminster Marshall. Maurice Hickman

As a result, there were not many pilgrims outside in the pub garden John Chenery

Inside the Red Lion the dining pilgrims had ordered a special deal three course meal 3 days in advance. Unfortunately for our schedule, the meal took rather longer than an hour! John Chenery

Wifi lounge at Red Lion Inn in Sturminster Marshall. Good rest and free Internet PolishPilgrims

View of church from pub garden John Chenery

St Mary, East Morden John Chenery

Wareham Forest goes on and on and on ... John Chenery

Bridge at Wareham Danny Thomas

Wareham Hall 1: Lady St Mary's John Chenery

The Quay Inn, very close indeed to the hall (the opening in the foreground is a passageway leading to the hall entrance). Maurice Hickman