The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018

Day 6: Wareham to West Lulworth

Today's early morning walks through semi-rural and common land are followed by some long walks, steep climbs (and descents) over the Purbeck ridges and army ranges, with stunning views of the Jurassic coast and the Dorset landscape. Approx. 14 miles but feels longer because of the steep climbs.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 6

The rain eases off as the views open out. Back towards Poole Harbour John Chenery

First view of the English Channel. But why are we turning left? Devon is to the right! Oh well, that's pilgrim routes for you. John Chenery

dropping down into Kimmeridge John Chenery

St Nicholas of Myra, Kimmeridge, where pilgrims ate their rolls and where after lunch we had a prayer stop. John Chenery

Lunch at Clavell's Restaurant Kimmeridge John Chenery

At the other end of the restaurant front garden. John Chenery

Some pilgrims gathered to dry off from the earlier rain on the sunny side of the Road outside the Kimmeridge fossil museum John Chenery

Tricky section ahead! John Chenery

It's a steep climb. John Chenery

At the top of the climb, there's a view. John Chenery

Stunning Jurassic Coast scenery John Chenery

Tyneham Village, requisitioned by the Army in 1943 and never given back. John Chenery

Tyneham Church, now a museum. John Chenery

Tyneham school restored to how it was in 1943 John Chenery

Interior of Tyneham Church John Chenery

our front markers today Day 6 Danny, Catherine, Mark and Francis Danny Thomas

Reaching the top of Bindon Hill John Chenery

Descending to West Lulworth John Chenery

Two A&B Pilgrims follow yellow arrows and find themselves in Leon? Buen Camino Patrick Reeve61

Arrows drying at West Lulworth

view from the other end of the table Danny Thomas