The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018

Day 8: Dorchester to Bridport

The walk starts with an easy stroll out of Dorchester, passing the base of Maiden Castle, and into Martinstown for our first prayer stop. We then climb up to Hardy Monument on the South Dorset Ridgeway, the highest point on this year's pilgrimage, with spectacular views of Chesil Beach. It's then a steady descent into Portesham for lunch at the Kings Arms, a pilgrimage pub 3 times previously. After lunch, it's a short stroll along a former railway to Abbotsbury where we visit St Catherine's Chapel, a 14th Century place of pilgrimage and retreat for the monks of the nearby Benedictine monastery, Abbotsbury Abbey. From here, we drop down and follow a flat low-lying section of the coastal path for 7 miles to Burton Bradstock, before cutting inland and into Bridport.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 8

Idea from America - boot gloves for a wet day Jim Brodie

Setting off from the spacious Dorford Centre, the home of Dorchester Baptist Church John Chenery

St Martin's, Martinstown John Chenery

Lawrence Doyle

Larry leads the prayer stop John Chenery

Lawrence Doyle

Crossing fields. Ron Millington

View looking forwards the Hardy Monument. Maurice Hickman

A gentle climb with gentle drizzle this morning John Chenery

Heading for the Hardy Monument John Chenery

Getting closer Lawrence Doyle

View from the top of the Hardy Monument. Maurice Hickman

Hardy’s Monument - not the “Tess of the d'Urbervilles” one, but the “Kiss me, Hardy” one Danny Thomas

Wildlife sighted at Hardy Monument this year. Deirdre

View of the drinks car from the top of the monument John Chenery

A closer view of the drinks car John Chenery

Leslie Winiarski A rhymed memento outside St Peter's church in Portesham. Enlarge before you read. PolishPilgrims

Piotr's exploring a phone box library in Portesham Leslie Winiarski PolishPilgrims

Floral display en route Danny Thomas

And this is what can happen when you don't have John driving the van for you!!! Patrick Reeve61

eating rolls outside DIY prayers in St Peter's Portesham John Chenery

The King's Arms, Portesham which was also a pilgrimage lunch pub on our previous Buckfast pilgrimages in 1980, 1982 and 1996 John Chenery

Leader Mike with frontmarkers Leszek and Geoffrey, and interloper Ed John Chenery

David, Mark and Louise on the pub patio. Ron Millington

DIY Prayer stop at St Peter, Portesham Maurice Hickman

St Peter, Portesham where some pilgrims ate their rolls. Maurice Hickman

Map of Portesham Village. In the early 20th Century the village had several pubs. Maurice Hickman

Approaching St Catherine's Chapel Maurice Hickman

Pilgrims arriving at St Catherine's Chapel Maurice Hickman

Pilgrims at St Catherine's Chapel Maurice Hickman

Inside St Catherine's Chapel Maurice Hickman

We by-passed St Peter's in Abbotsbury on the way to St Catherine's John Chenery

Pilgrims at St Catherine's Chapel. Ron Millington

Up to St Catherine's Chapel John Chenery

St. Catherine's Chapel Danny Thomas

View from inside St. Catherine's, Abbotsbury. Deirdre

Inside St Catherine's: the roof John Chenery

Inside St Catherine's: the floor John Chenery

Chesil Beach and on its nearside, The Fleet John Chenery

Drinks stop in a car park - Nurse Clare at Chesil Beach Ron Millington

A suprise on the next drink stop! PolishPilgrims

behind us Chesil Beach curls away to the Isle of Portland John Chenery

Ordeal by pebbles. Golden Cap in the distance. John Chenery

St Mary, Burton Bradstock John Chenery

On the way to Bridport. Deirdre

Sarnie Bashing John Chenery

Before our Vigil Mass which we organised in St Mary and St Catherine's Church, Bridport, after arriving at the hall. Ron Millington

At the end of mass. John Chenery

best drink of the day #tea Danny Thomas