Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2018

Reunion: Woking

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Reunion

The 2018 renunion is underway. We got a more substantial than usual supper for a reunion Friday night, cooked and served by Mark's wife Jane, Danny's wife Remy and son Angelo, and Clare. John Chenery

Pilgrimage reunion Friday night chat and arrow cutting. John Chenery

St Dunstan's church hall Woking John Chenery

Reunion breakfast is in the room we are using for sleeping as there is a breakfast alpha course going on in our dining room! John Chenery

Backmarkers Francis and Catherine setting out on the reunion walk John Chenery

The pilgrims ready to depart for their walk on a fresh but sunny morning. Aidan Simons

Beautiful autumn foliage as we approach Hoebridge Golf Course Aidan Simons

Watch out for flying balls! Aidan Simons

St Nicholas Church Pyrford John Chenery

St Nicholas's Church, Pyrford, with its new oak-shingle roof. Aidan Simons

St Nicholas is Norman, largely unaltered John Chenery

Ancient wall painting inside St Nicholas's. Aidan Simons

Danny and Mark led our prayer stop. Mark spoke about renewal and renovation John Chenery

Danny and Mark - our leaders in prayer as well as in walking today. Aidan Simons

Altar frontal St Nicholas's, Pyrford.. Aidan Simons

Leaving the church, towards another golf course Aidan Simons

The chill is evident by how we are all well wrapped up, the sun by the shadows! Aidan Simons

On our way again - it's good to have "John the Van" amongst the walkers. Aidan Simons

Lovely day for a country walk - even though we're so close to a big town. Aidan Simons

We join the Wey Navigation, our companion for much of the day. Aidan Simons

First sighting of a boat on the navigation Aidan Simons

First pub stop - for COFFEE??? Very welcome on a cold day, and good coffee. Aidan Simons

Where are we? How did we get here? Aidan Simons

Official morning coffee stop at The Anchor Inn on the River Wey John Chenery

Coffee? Don't mind if I do.... Aidan Simons

I'm glad you've got bright blue skies down there and not this... Euan Parsons

Pilgrims, pub, not a beer in sight!!! John Chenery

Ah, cheers Aid! John Chenery

The tranquillity of walking beside water Aidan Simons

... and then we were sent into the wilderness (but it proved to be a very nice wilderness!!) Aidan Simons

Which way? WM

Ockham Mill Aidan Simons

Newark Priory Ruins and the River Wey John Chenery

Newark Priory Aidan Simons

Autumnal loveliness approaching Papercourt Aidan Simons

Lock and bypass Aidan Simons

The New Inn, Send - it's lunch time! Aidan Simons

Pilgrimage reunion lunch at The New Inn. Send, with Jonty the dog. John Chenery

John in the shot not taking the shot for once Aidan Simons

Crossing the navigation after lunch Aidan Simons

Leaving The New Inn John Chenery

New pilgrim Janice leads Rosie, Bridget, Meld, Lawrie and Aid John Chenery

St Peter's Church, Old Woking John Chenery

St Peter's Church, Old Woking, our afternoon prayer stop Aidan Simons

Preparing for prayers - and yes, that's Terry Waite in the back pew (he was giving a talk after we'd left). Aidan Simons

The third-oldest church door in England and they cut the top off it (a long time ago) Aidan Simons

Danny and Mark lead on John Chenery

The rest of the third-oldest church door in England. Aidan Simons

The remains of Woking Palace Aidan Simons

Danny leads us home Aidan Simons

Meld, Clare, Angelo and Jane serving dinner John Chenery

Danny Thomas

Reunion dinner John Chenery

Sing-song featuring new band member Angelo John Chenery