The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 1: Travel to Lincoln and Induction

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Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 1

And they're off to Lincoln! Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

Extra storm gear packed last thing. Just Kings X to navigate this morning! dfpm architecture

Gill and Veronique on their way to Lincoln Gill Godber - Photography

The lectionary reading today includes the verse: 'Set up waymarks, put up guideposts; consider well the highway, the road that you take' Jeremiah 31.21 Michael Dunk

This is where it all begins, Trinity United Reformed Church, Lincoln John Chenery

Clare and Deirdre on the reception desk Ceri Potts

Francis, Michael & Julian at our hall in Lincoln Ceri Potts

This year's badge. John Chenery

New pilgrims Theo and Anne are put to work shaking out the boot mats. hbuxton

We were given a tour of Lincoln Cathedral John Chenery

John Chenery

Evensong in Lincoln Cathedral claregamble

The pilgrims arrive at St Hugh of Lincoln RC Church for our service John Chenery

Gathered for our mass and induction service in St Hugh's John Chenery

May the Lord be your guide and companion. Walk safely and joyfully. We've just finished our Camino bit and are leaving Burgos tomorrow to see you on the 13th. Buen Camino! PolishPilgrims

Tineke receives her cross John Chenery

This year's cross John Chenery

St Hugh's parishioners gave us tea and biscuits John Chenery

Hazel and Bruce preparing our first meal. hbuxton

Henriette helps out. hbuxton

Day 1 dinner Gill Godber - Photography

in the hall hbuxton