The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 12: Bridlington to Sherburn

The longest day. Most of the day is along minor roads again, but after lunch it is the road-walking stretches that are the highights as we walk along the bottom of a valley with a steep hillside to our right and then after prayers at Fordon we climb to the top of the Wolds with wide open views. If you feel you can't do the whole day, we suggest that you miss out the morning, and catch the Wednesday lunchtime bus from Bridlington to Burton Fleming (the only bus all week is ideally timed for us!). We are split between 2 halls tonight and each has its advantages: some pilgrims will be sleeping in the Methodist church is where we will eat and others in the Sports Club which has showers.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 12

former market cross in churchyard Francis O Sullivan

Lamb of God at priory hbuxton

Bridlington Priory John Chenery

No speeding. Sue Bradshaw from White Bakehouse says Bye

Mouse at Priory hbuxton

Bridlington Priory before the pilgrims arrive. (I am frontmarking) John Chenery

In the choir stalls were several musicians carved here sample hbuxton

Another carving hbuxton

Model of the priory as it was before the dissolution. Only the nave remains. John Chenery

St John of Bridlington John Chenery

Display of 3D tapestries depcicting the history of the priory. John Chenery

Model of the existing west front. The towers do not match! John Chenery

The rector welcomes us. John Chenery

Why has this closed pub got 2 names? John Chenery

The answer is here. "Walmington on Sea Brewery"?! The pub became the Royal Oak Inn for the recent Dads Army film. John Chenery

meanwhile back at the priory, New pilgrim Michael receives his pilgrim cross.

The rector of the priory ... hbuxton

... gives a lesson on its history to the enthralled pilgrims. hbuxton

Prince Charles visit to the priory commemorated hbuxton

Camilla carved also hbuxton

Far end 1537 addition to priory hbuxton

St John of Bridlington memorial stone hbuxton

Another memorial to St John hbuxton

Pilgrims leaving Bridlington priory hbuxton

Side of priory hbuxton

St Andrew, Boynton, hiding behind the trees. Here Anne led the pilgrim prayers. John Chenery

Bernie checking for her fav ,mills and boon books,giggle giggle. Amazon Team UK

Looking back to Bridlington and the sea. John Chenery

We chose to go round the edge of some very large fields rather than beat down the crops to take the diagonal route shown on the map, and this added almost an extra mile to what was already the longest day. John Chenery

Robin's Pin Cushion

Fran Gamble

Lunch stop the Burton Arms in Burton Fleming. Here we were joined by a group of pilgrims who had omitted the morning to shorten the distance of the longest day by catching the bus from Bridlington. There is only one bus a week from Bridlington to Burton Fleming and it arrives at 13.30 on a Wednesday, the exact time that the all-day pilgrims were scheduled to arrive! hbuxton

Lunch pilgrims drinking hbuxton

In the Burton Arms, Burton Fleming. John Chenery

Lutz and Anne are our keenest pool players. John Chenery

More pilgrims outside the Burton Arms John Chenery

In St Cuthbert, Burton Fleming John Chenery

Paper not glass! John Chenery

Hannah & Sadie at The Burton Arms opened up specially for us!

St Cuthbert, Burton Fleming hbuxton

an unusually long grave at Burton Fleming"s DIY prayer stop PolishPilgrims

The hamlet of Fordon John Chenery

St James, Fordon, Where Michael D led our prayers John Chenery

Pilgrims and sheep John Chenery

Ancient 900 year old St James Fordon hbuxton

Constant road problem hbuxton

I took this from outside the church east window! John Chenery

John Chenery

Inside Fordon Church hbuxton

A long climb into the Yorkshire Wolds John Chenery

Striding towards Sherburn!

Sherburn Community Hall, one of our two halls. John Chenery

Supper time at Sherburn in the Methodist Church Hall

Welcome the pilgrims window display by Jean Brown