The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 13: Sherburn to Pickering

This day is mainly spent crossing the Vale of Pickering with the Yorkshire Moors looming larger ahead of us. However, we do have some climbing to enjoy as the end of the day will take us to the very edge of the Moors with a little bit of undulation to whet our appetites. In addition, as we leave Sherburn in the morning, we head briefly south to make a significant climb onto a Wolds ridge that should afford views both out to the coast and across the Moors. In the late afternoon we pass through Thornton-le-Dale with ice cream and hand made chocolate on offer and the whistling of steam trains will tell you that you have got to the end of the day at Pickering - the Hall is very close to the station.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 13

2019 process improvement: 3-phase washing: red rinse/scrape, white wash, blue rinse John Chenery

🇳🇱 red white blue John Chenery

Frontmarking again today with Louise and day leader Nick John Chenery

St Hilda, Sherburn John Chenery

St Hilda John Chenery

St Hilda, Sherburn John Chenery

Back on the Yorkshire Wolds looking across to the Yorkshire Moors. John Chenery

John Chenery