The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 14: Pickering to Goathland

The route today is seldom far from the railway line so watch out for steam trains. The morning is a mix of farmland and forest. After lunch there is a pleasant grassy walk beside the Hole of Horcum. After that there is a gulley side path which you must not fall off followed by forest and barren moorland before we reach Goathland and its teashops.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 14

Pickering memorial hall loading hbuxton

Large Primitive Methodist building in Pickering hbuxton

Catherine washing Pickering hbuxton

Pickering washing up Catherine Marie John hbuxton

Wall painting by artist Rex Whistler at Pickering Memorial Hall

Donations to Pickering Memorial Hall welcome, says Manager Joy

Memorial Hall, Pickering John Chenery

St Joseph RC, Pickering John Chenery

Gathered for mass in St Joseph's John Chenery

Pickering morning service hbuxton

Morning service hbuxton

Hogwarts Express passes New Bridge

Sun out all set for a lovely walking day as we climb into the Yorkshire Moors John Chenery

I think that's the Howardian Hills behind John Chenery

Pickering Castle (Howard was in Fr Tony's alternative group who remained in Pickering then caught the 12:00 steam train to join us at lunch) hbuxton

Train Pickering hbuxton

Most challenging obstacles of the pilgrimage: unrailed bridge over stream then barbed wire over stile. Marie assessing the best route; she was to crawl under the fence. John Chenery

Maria at Pickering station hbuxton

Levisham Old Church ahead amongst the trees John Chenery

We exit train at Levisham station then walk 30 mins to village hbuxton

Inside the roofless Levisham Old Church. Note distant sheep. John Chenery

Levisham train control room hbuxton

Levisham Old Church John Chenery

Tiny lunch pub so we also booked Levisham Village Hall, here. John Chenery

In Levisham Village Hall John Chenery

Levisham village hbuxton

Enjoying a pint Levisham hbuxton

The Horseshoe Inn, Levisham John Chenery

More pilgrims over here. John Chenery

St John the Baptist, Levisham John Chenery

in St John the Baptist, Ed talks of his Whitby family connections and the role of women John Chenery

Moors ahead for next 4 hours hbuxton

Family greeting us hbuxton

getting into real moors John Chenery

on the moors John Chenery

View from start of rough Moors hbuxton

Shall we pass hbuxton

Not sure if safe to walk hbuxton

The Hole of Holcombe John Chenery

RAF Fylingdales - no longer is it three golf balls John Chenery

The Hole of Holcombe again John Chenery

Start of woods. Old farm hbuxton

Hardest way to get to goathland,giggle giggle. Amazon Team UK

It's a long way down. Gets worse hbuxton

Kester's arrow takes a rest

Close encounter with a steam train John Chenery

A steep climb. John Chenery

High above the railway now John Chenery

Moors go on and on hbuxton

Above Goatland hbuxton

Train! John Chenery

Simon Howe Rigg John Chenery

Coming down off the moors now John Chenery

DIY Prayers, St Mary's, Goathland, a welcome respite after being attacked by huge swarms of flying ants John Chenery

St Mary, Goathland John Chenery

Goathland John Chenery

Goathland Village Hall, one of two halls tonight. John Chenery

Police presence in village hbuxton

Interesting occupation in village. Repairs cars and funeral director hbuxton

Beer for dinner tonight? In the second hall, Goathland Community Hub John Chenery

The queue for dinner in Goathland Community Hub at the end of the sunniest, hilliest, muddiest, best day of the pilgrimage. John Chenery