The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 15: Goathland to Whitby

This is a picturesque walk mainly along the Esk Valley Walk and St Hilda's Way. We set out from Goathland - home to the TV series "Heartbeat" and a station on the steam-operated North Yorkshire Moo's Railway line which was used as Harry Potter's Hogsmeade Station - and head for Beck Hole. This very small village is home to the legendary dragon-like Worm who would live off cattle, sheep and of course beautiful maidens until Roland the Danish Warrior killed it. Later we pass Priory Farm where once stood Grandmontine Priory c1200 (one of three founded in the UK). From here look out for the Stone Pannierway called the "Monk's Trod" and imagine the Priory monks trudging back and forth along these flagstones to Whitby Abbey. As we enter the outskirts of Whitby, Look out for views of the Abbey Ruins and St Mary's Church - of Dracula fame. We descend to the harbour quayside and walk past the Station and on to St Hilda's Catholic Church for our last Prayer Stop where we light candles in thanksgiving and for family and friends back home. After a rest in our hall, the Brunswick Centre, we set off again and process together up the 199 steps with our banner and singing our Pilgrim hymns, passing Caedmon's Cross and into St Mary's Church for our Arrival Service. The Church is next to the Abbey Ruins so please be aware of marauding Vikings who will be camping on the Abbey Plains!

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 15