The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 3: Wragby to Ludford

We walk mostly along quiet lanes & through farms & fields.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 3

All Saints Church Wragby where Rev Simon, back with us for a few days this year, led our eucharist John Chenery

Gathering for prayers outside the no longer in use St Mary's West Torrington John Chenery

Deirdre led our prayers speaking of the relevance of St Hilda's virtues today. John Chenery

Deirdre gave out these cards with a portrait of St Hilda which she had commissioned from an artist John Chenery

It's a flat day today with field paths and lanes John Chenery

Pilgrims, wheatfield and perfect walking weather Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

There's an arrow on that tree! Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

Yay! 20 minutes ahead of schedule at the pub John Chenery

in the garden of the Crossroads Inn, East Barkwith John Chenery

St Mary East Barkwith John Chenery

Clare planning the way to my next drink stop, outside St Mary's. claregamble

In silhouette, Anne led our prayers reading prayers from a book Walk and Pray John Chenery

The first we-caught-the-frontmarkers stop of the pilgrimage John Chenery

A hill ahead! Let's pause and catch our breath. John Chenery

Lincoln Cathedral in view again John Chenery

Malcolm has us singing To Be a Pilgrim in All Saints, Sixhills John Chenery

Veronique and Rev’d David Post At Sixhills Church Gill Godber

Ludford Community Hall. Today again we had no showers of the unwanted kind and the hall has the good kind, and a bar! John Chenery

Queuing for drinks at Ludford Susan Adilz

Queuing for Dinner at Ludford Susan Adilz

Dinner at Ludford Susan Adilz

Dinner at Ludford Susan Adilz

Notices between dinner and pudding, Ludford Susan Adilz

Dinner at Ludford Susan Adilz

Anne helps out by eating up every last scrap of dessert. John Chenery

Washing up outside the hall John Chenery

A hall with its own bar lends itself to a singsong John Chenery