The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 5: Caistor to Brigg

A predominantly flat walk, much across open fields with far-reaching vistas, interspersed with occasional copses and village lanes. The Viking Way forms the morning route all the way to built-up Barnetby le Wold. After lunch, we take varied paths with diverse features as well as more fields to reach Wrawby, finally meeting the residential roads of Brigg to our destination. During the day we pass through 8 or 9 places ending in "by": meaning farmstead/village/settlement in the Nordic language. Nearly all have churches! We start early to enable us to get to the lunch stop before they stop serving food. There is a prayer stop and two drinks stops in the morning, then a late lunch and a shorter afternoon, with a prayer stop, aiming to arrive late afternoon in Brigg.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 5

In a time warp, Chris, last seen on the pilgrimage in the 80s, has materialised in 2019 and is van loading John Chenery

Memorable night on stage sleeping at Caistor Town Hall

St Thomas More RC Church in Caistor looks tiny John Chenery

Inside, St Thomas More is L-shaped John Chenery

Final hymn "Freely, Freely" John Chenery

Red and blue candles John Chenery

looking back towards Caistor John Chenery

En route to Brigg!

Michael preaches to his flock John Chenery

John Chenery

Hazel is determined to buy 2 mugs. Shop is shut so Bruce rang owner who opened up in Caistor hbuxton

All Hallows, Clixby John Chenery

Inside Clixby church John Chenery

All Saints, Grasby John Chenery

Spirituality of exile: Lutz spoke of Syrians in Germany and Hilda amongst the pagans. John Chenery

St Nicholas, Searby John Chenery

Pilgrims on the balcony John Chenery

My hat is enjoying the day. John Chenery

View from the Searby balcony John Chenery

Poppies in a field Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

The rain had been close but missed us on the first 3 days but now it was time to don the waterproofs for the first time. John Chenery

The Whistle and Flute, Barnetby le Wold. Lunch. John Chenery

John Chenery So sorry I couldn’t be with you, especially today. Love & Prayers. Danny Danny Thomas

Bruce and Hazel resting after a massive shop hbuxton

An amaizing walk through a field (corny joke!) Tony Milner

Close encounter with a one-carriage "train" John Chenery

Close encounter with a many-carriage train John Chenery

Wrawby windmill John Chenery

St Mary, Wrawby John Chenery

St Mary, Wrawby. Sarah reads poems by Malcolm Guite. John Chenery