The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 7: Brigg to North Ferriby

A long but almost totally flat day, few hills and only two stiles to go over. The morning is mainly a long stretch beside a canal. The afternoon becomes more scenic as we approach the Humber Estuary and there should be time for a brief pub stop in South Ferriby before we cross the Humber Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built in 1972. A short, pleasant walk along the shore should then bring us to North Ferriby.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 7

Rolls are now stored in aluminium foil not plastic bags. John Chenery

Colourful Karen - a local lady in Brigg

Heritage centre Brigg 3000 year old raft hbuxton

The minister welcomes us to our eucharist in Brigg Methodist Church John Chenery

Brigg Methodist Church John Chenery

It's going to be a long straight morning in the rain following the canallised R Ancholme John Chenery

I told you it was straight. John Chenery

at last time to leave the river John Chenery

Approaching Saxby All Saints, back in the Lincolnshire Wolds John Chenery

Moira and Maureen talked about talk: The Samaritans and St Hilda John Chenery

No lunch pub! Lunch in Saxby All Saints Church. John Chenery

Saxby All Saints Village Hall open for us to use the loos. John Chenery

Saxby All Saints John Chenery

wks by the Humber John Chenery

St Nicholas, South Ferriby John Chenery

Church locked but keyholder has just arrived John Chenery

Afternoon pub stop in the Nelthorpe Arms John Chenery

John Chenery

Humber Bridge here we come. John Chenery

John Chenery

Malcolm Bowen - our friend and fellow Pilgrim

Ferrybye kitchen but no hot water Bruce and Hazel hbuxton

At the half way point Jack marches into God's Own Country John Chenery

John Chenery

Yes it's windy but hey John Chenery

DANGER High WIND says the sign. John Chenery

Leaving the bridg John John Chenery

Suddenly we are in a country park John Chenery

Made it! John Chenery

Humber bridge and pilgrims pretending that it is raining! Adilz, Fred (KWLWG)

The aftermath John Chenery

Cooks Bruce, Hazel, plus Howard and Deirdre serve dinner. John Chenery

North Ferriby Village Hall John Chenery

I heard that you got really wet today, just to cheer you up, here in Boston we have about 25°C and no rain in the weather forecast for the next week Leszek Winiarski

John Chenery Envious of you all whilst I was at work today despite the rain. Regards John Brennan John Brennan

Today it was raining but the wind was behind us so one's waterproof jacket was unzipped John Chenery

apart from the last stretch after the bridge heading west to N Ferriby. There we got soaked. John Chenery