The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 8: North Ferriby to Beverley

We head westwards out of North Ferriby then turn north and then east, thereby avoiding the urban outskirts of Hull. Instead, long distant paths the Yorkshire Wolds Way and the High Hutton Circuit take us through some villages, fields and woods. We arrive in Beverley in good time for Evensong, and go on from there to Saturday evening vigil mass in St John of Beverley RC church before arriving at our hall.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 8

Coordinator Chris at work in her office. John Chenery

All Saints, North Ferriby. John Chenery

Fr Tony talked about St Hilda, St Aidan and St John of Beverley. John Chenery

Sunny day today but some waterproofs being worn to dry them off John Chenery

St Helen, Welton John Chenery

Chris spoke of St Hilda's time at Hartlepool. Prayer, study and work. John Chenery

Alternative view of St Helen's John Chenery

Beverley hbuxton

Bruce and Hazel morning break Beverley hbuxton

Howard and Hazel rag chewing over coffee. look at cake hbuxton

Mildly undulating Yorkshire Wolds John Chenery

Beverley Hazel and Bruce think we need more music hbuxton

arriving at the Half Moon, Skidby John Chenery

Hiding on the table behind van at the Half Moon John Chenery

Ceri Potts

St Michael, Skidby. Tineke spoke about her trip to the Balkans where she visited Srebenica. John Chenery

Leaving St Michael, Skidby John Chenery

St. Michael's church Skidby was restored this year, 2019. Ceri Potts

Sheephatch Church, Skidby Ceri Potts

John Chenery

Long walk at unload St marys Beverley hbuxton

Next target in sight John Chenery

Beverley Minster here we come!

John Chenery

Sally 'going green' en route to Beverley

Beverley Minster John Chenery

John Chenery

We met Chrissy from East Sussex at Beverley Minster

Beverley we cant resist cakes hbuxton

Gathered for Evensong John Chenery

A warm welcome from Libby Naylor, Verger at Beverley Minster

St John of Beverley RC Church where we attended the parish vigil Mass. John Chenery

This is the back up team recovering in the Beverley Arms. Bruce Matheson

The bridge was fun. John Chenery