The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage 2019

Day 9: Beverley to Driffield

Today we head north from Beverley shadowing the railway and river Hull across the flatlands to Drifield.

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Day 9

A cosy bed spot between the pews in St Mary's Church Bernie Magee

Leaving St Mary's Church. Most of us slept in the church itself. John Chenery

Support team coffee in Beverley. +447745238486

Sunday start of walk. Oh dear front markers not sure do we wait hbuxton

A pointer to where to go next year perhaps? John Chenery

Possible pilgrim rest hbuxton

Host and support team waiting for the walkers at St Mary's, Watton ... Ceri Potts

Passed this ancient monastery at Watton. Now a home hbuxton

Monastery barn, has been a water mill hbuxton

Backmarkers including me reach St Mary Watton. First prayers of the day after 9.5 miles. John Chenery

Tony the churchwarden in St Mary's, Watton. He had spoken to the pilgrims about the refurbishment of the Grade One Listed church John Chenery

Lunch at Hutton Cranswick. hbuxton

St Peter's Church, Hutton hbuxton

St Peters hbuxton

Jack giving a talk today in St Peter'dChurch hbuxton

Following Jack's talk hbuxton

The other Backmarkers have a problem dragging me out of the pub. SU 0 CP 0 John Chenery

St Peter's, Hutton, where Jack had given an emotional prayer stop about grace. John Chenery

All Saints Church Hall, Driffield John Chenery

A very flat day today and, backmarking, nothing much took my fancy to photograph. John Chenery

Gathered in the choir of All Saints Driffield John Chenery

Memorial Service for Deceased Pilgrims John Chenery

All Saints Church, Driffield John Chenery

John's bear joins us for dinner, between Howard and Maurice. John Chenery