St Hilda Pilgrimage 2019

Reunion: Dorking

Pilgrimage Newsfeed - Reunion

It's reunion weekend! Who's joining us?🔜 A&B Pilgrimages

Dorking Reunion supper John Chenery

Falkland Arms, Dorking John Chenery

Mass in St Joseph's before we set off. Aidan

I am front marking so there will not be many photos from me but here are the pilgrims about to depart from St Joseph's Dorking. John Chenery

Front Marker John places the first arrow. Aidan

Fr Tony describes the route ahead. Aidan

Fr Tony's Pilgrim Flock Aidan

Fr Tony and Alison lead the pack. Aidan

Walking through the autumnal woodlands Aidan

Approaching Wotton Church Aidan

St John the Evangelist, Wotton - looks strange from outside with 3 gable ends of different materials, but less so on the inside! Aidan

Marie just keeps on walking #oldestpilgrim Aidan

A talk about the long history of St John's Wotton John Chenery

Wooton Church porch Aidan

Fr Joe Kengah from Kenya joined us for the morning walk Aidan

Lunch pub nearby, and beautiful autumn colours. Aidan

Stephen Langdon Inn Friday Street John Chenery

The table of the non walkers who joined us for lunch John Chenery

Leith Hill Tower "view" point Aidan

Pilgrims enjoying tea on Leith Hill (seen from the top of the tower - well, someone had to go up!) Aidan

Call this a view? Aidan

Wet and slippery woods - so much so that we had to turn back and use the road for health and safety reasons. Aidan

Pilgrims enjoying tea and cake at the home of kind parishioners who live on the route. Aidan

Dinner is coming soon John Chenery

Arrows and pilgrim gear drying. Pilgrims are dry by now after a wet afternoon John Chenery

Dinner is served John Chenery

Yummy chilli John Chenery

Aidan driving the sideshow John Chenery

Pilgrims enthralled John Chenery

Pilgrims and St Joseph's parishioners joint music group for the 9am mass John Chenery