Aid's 50th Birthday Party

OK, your webmaster is officially entitled to join Saga holidays, and to ease the pain we threw a party. Which was terrific fun (and thanks to everyone for all their hard work in making it happen). The partygoers were a cross section of friends, from family, work, neighbours, dancers and pilgrims. I've selected some photos of pilgrimage interest to share here.

That's why we're here:

Important business - pilgrims getting the beer flowing.

Pilgrims view the slideshow of "days gone by" - several of them from one pilgrimage or another.

Chief Routeplanner and Deputy Nitpicker keep up a tradition - and present me with my first ever Good Beer Guide. Maurice would be proud of us!

Some of the pilgrims present

One of my alter egos - that's me "fluting" at the back (see if you want to know more).

It is reputed that Ant took up the flute because I played it - well, he soon outclassed me, even when I thrust a flute in his hand and say "I'm dancing, you're playing!".

While we ate supper Nick was persuaded to give us a song or two.

One of which was "Senex Macdonaldus", which caused an argument with Patrick over the Yorkshire versus the Sussex translation.

Dancing again - Joan struts her stuff...

... as does Sue ...

... followed by Bill.

Louise survived dancing with me (John was on the bench with a knee injury).

Patrick teaches Bridget the art of full-contact barn dancing...

...and with Simon's help the girls fly.

Other pilgrims of yesteryear catch up on old times.

A splendid cake was produced for the occasion.

"Drops of Brandy" (or as Peter knows it "bring me a brandy before I drop") appeared to fall apart and then come back together several times - not quite the 35 minute world record set at Simon and Sarah's wedding (when we were all rather younger) but a creditable 20 minutes or so.

As usual, Patrick is in the thick of it.

Photos (apart from this one by Chief Router JC) by Laurie, who ran the slideshows from "techie's corner".