Peter and Joan celebrate 40 years of marriage

Our current chief coordinator Peter (who like to be addressed as "My Lord") comes from a true pilgrim family - his wife of 40 years, Joan, walked on 5 out of the first 10 pilgrimages, Mandy joined us in 1984 (and, with her family, in 2005), and Sarah has been a regular over the past 10 years. So it was a great pleasure to join the family and various friends to celebrate Peter and Joan's Ruby Wedding at a surprise party - and yes, it was a surprise.

Peter and Joan cut the cake.

Mandy and Ben (who promises he'll join the pilgrimage one day) review the photos.

Peter, Joan and their "kids"...

...and with their whole family (note the caption top right).

So, congratulations to Peter and Joan, and thanks to Mandy, Sarah and Ben for all their hard work in organising a splendid party.