The Sussex Pilgrims are all set to go, with 50 intending to walk all the way and 110 people taking part. A beautiful route has been planned out and explored by a variety of leaders. But each day is just a bit longer than had been anticipated so that our 200-mile walk has got extended to 222 miles, which is a nice symmetrical sort of number. We will be welcoming 50 new walkers to our pilgrim family, and meeting lots of old friends again.


Although we sent out literature and an invitation to all the churches of Sussex to join in this ecumenical pilgrimage, we will he mostly Catholics. 20 Anglicans (including 3 vicars) have booked, and 3 members of the United Reformed Church (including 1 minister) will he with us. But we are hoping that many members of local churches will join us by day for a few miles as we pass through their areas, and will welcome us to their churches. By walking and sharing together we hope to make a real contribution to ecumenism in Sussex.


As I write this newsletter it would seem that Pope John Paul still has a long way to go to recover his full health, but as soon as his visit to England was announced many pilgrims suggested walking to see him. So tentative arrangements have been made. If all goes well the Holy Father’s first public ceremony in England will be in Richmond Park on Friday 28th May 1982. And we hope to have made a pilgrimage there starting from Arundel on Sunday 23rd May. Pilgrim accommodation has been kindly offered by Digby Stuart College through the good offices of Karen Slauter and Annette Kelly. So reserve the dates in your 1982 diary — 23rd to 29th May.


It’s back to the beginning for your pilgrimage organiser in September. Just 19 years ago I packed my bags to go to St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, and now I have to do the same thing again. With great sadness I have said goodbye to all my young friends at Cardinal Newman School, and am now to take up the role of Pastoral Director at Wonersh. That means that I will he responsible for organising the practical work that the students for the Priesthood do in various parishes and institutions, and instructing (!) them in the practical aspects of their future work. It will be different!


Congratulations to Christopher and Geraldine Hedgecock on the birth of Adrian Peter on lath January. Chris and Gerry met one another on the Glastonbury Pilgrimage in 1978.

Meanwhile Oggy Mark V is expected in October. For the uninitiated that means that Leslie and Helen Smith who met on our very first pilgrimage are expecting another addition to their wonderful family.


Just pipping the Royal Couple by days, Claire Brockman and Nick Parsons are getting married this Saturday, 25th July at St Joseph’s, Epsom. Unfortunately we cannot hold back the presses to include news of this event. Claire and Nick met along The Pilgrims Way in 1976. (But I must make it clear to the new pilgrims that romance isn’t compulsory on these events!)

Another pilgrim who has been married this month is Clare Hanley-Browne (Clarabel of the Walsingham Pilgrimage in 1977). She is now Mrs Graham Keniston-Cooper, and the happy coupled were married in St Georges College Chapel - familiar to pilgrims - on Saturday 11th July.


Aid and Meld Simons are back in Farnham, and Aid is working for Jane Rex’s Dad as an operational analysis consultant, which he says is something to do with computers.

Pat Burke has risen to new heights of power as Assistant Library Manager.

Roger Galvin is going to take a couple of years off from Wonersh, and has a job at St Anne’s children’s home in Brighton.

But I will have one friend at Wonersh from the pilgrimages in Kieron O’Brien.

Jacqui Crossan has just started work with the Allied Irish Bank in Brighton at an unrepeatedly fantastic salary.

Maggie Sexton has just started as an apprentice printer with the Evening Argus — she is the only girl in the printing shop — do they know?

Stuart Matthews is increasing the amount of caring and sharing at the Co-op.

Andrew Mottram has been elected Vice President of the Catholic Society at Exeter University - should the accent be on Catholic or on Vice ?

After the summer Luke Parsons will he off to Bristol University and Ron Diffey to Nottingham.

Clare de Normanville is about to start her nursing training at Northwich Park Hospital (with Moggy Stephens), and Therese Shaw is studying medicine at the Royal Free Hospital — more recruits for the Pilgrim Health Service.

Raquel Gonzalez is now caring for the blind at St Dunstan’s in Brighton.


The annual Youthgather is always a great occasion for pilgrims to meet together. The day consists of a 20Km sponsored walk for the disabled, a Youth Mass, and Disco. The date is Sunday 27th September and the place is St Wilfrid’s School, Crawley, where we will be staying on the Sussex Pilgrimage on 23rd August. Transport is probably being arranged from your area. Contact Fr Ralph Message for further sponsor forms or information. Other dates for your diary are:-

Sat 24th Oct:     Youth Day at Tolworth with Bishop Cormac — Vocation ‘81.

30th –1st Nov:   Young adults weekend at Maryvale on Justice and Peace.

15th Nov:          Youth Day at St John’s Seminary, Wonersh. Come and see me

29th Nov:          Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Youth Festival, St Wilfrid's School, Crawley hopefully to include a walking pilgrimage exhibition

4th-6th Dec:     Youth weekend at Maryvale “St Francis of Assisi’.

For further details contact your parish youth representative or Karen Goldsmith, Diocesan Youth Officer, Maryvale Pastoral Centre, Snowdenham Lane, Bramley, Surrey, GU5 0DD (Guildford 892765).


Andrew Bashford and Gary O’Brien were representatives of their Deaneries at the Eucharistic Congress in Lourdes, now taking place. If you want to hear about all that happened come to the Friary at Crawley on the evening of 14th August. (IF you have done your packing !)


That title is to be sung, since it comes from Marianne McPhillips, the girl with the beautiful voice from the Walsingham Pilgrimage. After three years teaching she has spent the last year travelling around and singing. She has spent six weeks thumbing around Ireland (that wonderful land with a big smile, she says) and four months in Europe France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland earning money by grape picking and busking. Now she is leading children’s adventure walking holidays for the Y.H.A. She ends her letter again musically — Byeeeeeeeee.


This was Moggy Stephens sponsored walk at Easter along the South Downs Way to raise money for the Arundel and Brighton Lourdes Fund. So far she has raised £526.81, including £10 from Julian Martin for a sponsored slim — but there is no visible evidence of this latter event.


And now Moggy is organising a pilgrimage to Assisi to coincide with the 800th Franciscan Anniversary from July 24th to August 14th 1982. The itinerary is Chilworth - Rome (4 days) — 8 day walk (112 miles) to Assisi —3 days in Assisi — home. Approximate cost is £250 and she wants a £50 deposit by October 31st 1981. Write to Moira Stephens. Numbers are limited to 25.


Meanwhile, you may ask, where is the Diocesan Walking Pilgrimage going in summer 1982, or am I trying to get away with the one week pilgrimage to Richmond Park mentioned overleaf? Some may remember that when we pilgrimed to Buckfast last year the Abbot invited us back in 1982 to celebrate a dual anniversary with them — the centenary of the monks return to Buckfast and the 50th anniversary of the consecration of their recon­structed Abbey Church. It was certainly the most beautiful and spectacular pilgrimage we have done so far, so shall we do it again next summer, perhaps with a few variations like avoiding tiny stone floored chapels to sleep in? The question will be thoroughly discussed and decided upon as we walk around Sussex.


Snoopy has received a long letter from Daisy Dee Willson in Bucharest, the Bull Terrier from the Canterbury Pilgrimage. She has been doing her bit for diplomacy by making herself thorough­ly friendly to everyone in the parks of Bucharest, where her mistress, Dawn, does a lot of jogging to keep herself fit for future pilgrimages. She has been poisoned twice, but survived, as the authorities disapprove of food being wasted on pets. She (Dee Dee or Dawn?) says ALL THE BEST FOR A HAPPY PILGRIMAGE.