This newsletter was due to be issued last August when I had got only the newsletter to worry about, but due to various circumstances it has been delayed until now. But the birthdays were celebrated! Some 40 happy pilgrims remembered that occasion when amid the snowstorms of the spring of 1975 we walked the boundaries of the diocese. This second circular tour of the diocese took the form of a letter “B” and visited every deanery of the diocese. The pilgrimage also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the formation of our diocese, most suitably by visiting parts of the diocese that other pilgrimages have not reached! Happy birthday to us!


Congratulations to Tony and Alice Morwood-Leyland on the birth of Edward Francis on 4th 0ctober, a brother to Robert. Congratulations too to Mark and Mary Yeomans on the birth of James on 18th September. Nick and Claire Parsons are expecting their first baby in February. Claire is doing Paediatrics at the moment to get in some practice. Janet Paxton (formerly Angel) is also expecting a new arrival.


Glenda Kelly who were married on Saturday 6th July at St Thomas More’s Church, Meresfield Gardens, Swiss Cottage, North London. Roger and Glenda walked, together on the Walsingham, Glastonbury, Canterbury, and first Buckfast Pilgrimages. They studied together at Cardinal Newman School, and have both studied theology, Roger at Wonersh and Heythrop, and Glenda at Kings College. The officiating priests were John Loughnan and Alistair Warwick, two contemporaries of Roger at Wonersh and Bill Haynes, who preached a predictable sermon using pilgrimage as model for married life.

Many pilgrims were among the guests. Patrick Reeve and Julian Martin led the singing on their guitars, after having run down the road in front of the bridal car to make sure they got to the church before Glenda. A splendid reception had been prepared by the Kellys, George arid Joan, Annette and Elaine. Other Kellys present included Julie D’Arcy and Pamela Kelly (from the Walsingham Pilgrimage). Just returned from Dublin’s fair city was Christina O’Leary. Doctor Lucy Graffen was there, looking in the pink, who is now specialising in psychiatric care. Her sister Shuna Grafen (previously Suzanne until she not fed up with being called Sue) was there too and is now nursing. Also among the medical fraternity present was Therese Shaw, now one year off graduating as a doctor. Among the guests were Monica McLauchlan, Frances Dean, Pauline Le Gallais, Timothy Weir, George and Karen Evans, Judith Pearson, Patrick Heffernan, Anthony Honks, Tom and Jean Murray, Nicholas and Lucy Wheeler and Andrew Mottram.

Roger and Glenda are now living in nuptial bliss. Probably living not too far away, but distinctly less happy, is their bank manager who has just paid for their honeymoon in Egypt. We wish all three of them a very successful future relationship!


Tony White (who came on the Papal. and Evesham Pilgrimages) was ordained a priest on Friday 31st. May at St Thomas of Canterbury Church, St Leonards. A splendid reception was put on by his parishioners from Battle in Concordia Hall, the infamous hail of the dog hairs from the Canterbury Pilgrimage. (The hall has been very nicely refurbished and a new kitchen built there, Canterbury caterers will be pleased to know.) Also ordained this year was John Allen who came on the Irish Pilgrimage. His ordination was at Arundel Cathedral on Saturday 11th May. Several pilgrims were present at both ordinations. Tony has been appointed to Epsom, and John to Weybridge. Congratulations to them both as they join Danny O’Callaghan and David Russell among the pilgrims who have been ordained priests


A picture of a besplattered Magdalen Sexton appeared under this heeding in the Evening Argus of Saturday 13th July. They reported, “Printer Magdalen Sexton scored an Evening Argus first - by being smeared with rotting offal. She became the first woman to be “banged out” in the traditional ceremony that ends a printer’s apprenticeship. Maggie, 20, of Seven Dials, Brighton, smiled bravely as she sat on a special trolley. But her expression soon changed as a mixture of fish, offal, eggs, and flour was slopped on her from buckets. Then she was wheeled through the building, her progress marked by an almighty stench and the din of ritual banging. A brief parade through Brighton completed the humiliation. Such treatment ensured that Maggie’s transition, from apprentice to journeywoman, was unforgettable. She said, 'I said I would do anything for the job, but I was not really expecting this’” Maggie has walked with us on the Canterbury Pilgrimage, the two Buckfast Pilgrimages, and the Sussex, Papal and Evesham Pilgrimages. People often played nasty jokes on her then too!


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Maria Holcroft is now a nurse. Moira Stephens was working this summer with hospitality in Lourdes. Pilgrims on the recent Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage included Anne de Normanville, Sean McQuillan, Keiran O’Brien, Karen Turner9 Monica McLauchlan and Father Pat Olivier. There were also lots of pilgrims on this year's Youthgather.


Monica McLauchlan is caring for the following items left behind after the last pilgrimage: A grey gilet, a yellow cagoule, a water bottle, a block umbrella, one copy of Songs of the Spirit, one pair of muddy gaiters. To claim please phone Brighton 680025.


Pilgrims, do keep in touch with all the members of the pilgrim family by contributing a line or two about your present doings to the pilgrim newsletter. Please write to Father Bill Haynes at 119, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean, Brighton, BN2 6TE. Or phone Brighton (0273) 31858.