Fifty-two pilgrims will be attempting to walk all the way from Brighton to Bath this August, and with an additional 21 short-timers there will be between 60 and 70 pilgrims with us as we set out on our Wessex Pilgrimage. Of course we hope that many more old friends and new acquaintances will join us by day. Those who have explored the route report an abundance of wonderful Downland countryside. Although those who had to explore the Wealden section report many paths overgrown with hog weed. The pilgrims are a pleasing mixture of young and old, and experienced and new pilgrims.


This Easter Margaret Archer organised another Pilgrimage for the Portsmouth Diocese, from Newbury to Southampton. This is their seventh annual Easter walk. A rumour has it that they are going to meet up with us on the Wessex Walk as part of their reunion. Another spin off from our pilgrimages was when Harry and Cath Grafen and Jim McFarlane walked the Southern Uplands Way in May.


Claire and Nick Parsons were pleased to announce the safe arrival of their son, Aidan, on 2nd February. Karen and George Evans report that they are pregnant! Alan and Karen Keogh are also expecting.


Katherine Murphy from Buckfast One has married Owen Evans. Congratulations to them both.

Clare Cann of the Sussex Pilgrim was married to John Lees in Chichester Cathedral on May 24th. Both are civil servants, although Clare would like to be a teacher and John is an Anglican lay-vicar. They did invite pilgrims to the wedding, but I regret the information is being passed on two months too late.


Tony Tilley is continuing to receive treatment for cancer, and now seems much better. Tony was our van-driver on Buckfast Two. He will be looked after by his son and daughter-in-law while Sheila joins us on the pilgrimage. Julie D’Arcy has reluctantly had to cancel her place on the pilgrimage. She has been suffering from a mysterious virus since January which has left her very unfit with a fairly permanent headache. She says she will be praying for our feet. We will certainly be praying for her, and for Tony, as we make our pilgrimage journey in the steps of St Dunstan.


Matthew Huntbach is now living in London. Martyn Thornton has joined the army (R.A.O.C.). Helen Fox is teaching in Bristol. Isobel Munro will begin teaching in Tolworth in September. Mohan Misra has got his Ph.D. in Chemistry. A friend said, “Now he can not only smell awful, but synthesize the smell as well.” Paul Dean is now manager of the Saltdean Co-op. Jimmy Dean is beginning a Fine Arts Degree at Liverpool Polytechnic. Therese Shaw has now qualified as a Doctor and is working at the Royal Free Hospital. Also studying medicine at the Royal Free Hospital is Charles Perrott (St Joan’s and Evesham Pilgrimages). Keiron O’Brien has been ordained a Deacon. Tom McNerney has now gained an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (Operational Research). Chris Kates graduated from the University of East Anglia last year and has been doing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education this year. This summer he is visiting relatives in Southern California instead of coming on the Pilgrimage! Eddie Collard is now a journalist with the Evesham Journal. Roger Galvin is nursing a knee injury and is unable to come walking this summer.


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