or Pilgrimage Newsletter No 32, February 1989


For the first time our pilgrimage is going to start from a distant point and walk towards our Diocese. The 1989 pilgrimage will be in honour of St Richard, and will begin from Droitwich, his birth—place, travel via Oxford, where he was Chancellor, and end at Chichester, where he was Bishop. It will involve taking a coach for the outward rather than the return journey. We won’t have to actually walk along putting one foot behind the other!


One of the great joys of our pilgrimages is to have new pilgrims joining us each year and discovering the unique experience of these walking holidays with a spiritual purpose. Some people join us after just reading about us, but most new pilgrims are encouraged by someone who has been on a pilgrimage and not only survived but actually enjoyed it! I enclose 6 copies of our poster / application form, so that you have some to pass round your friends. If you live in the diocese, please get one put up in your church. If you want some more, just write and ask please.


Numbers last summer approached the 100 mark, which is the maximum we have planned accommodation for. Priority will be given to new pilgrims, so you are advised to book early. Andy Ollard is the booking secretary this year, and your applications will be forwarded to him in Milton Keynes. (We felt people might think it a little odd that an Arundel and Brighton diocesan pilgrimage should be organised from Milton Keynes, hence the double shuffle with the post.) And now for same news of other pilgrimages:


What are you doing during Holy Week? (17th to 27th March 1989.) Tom Yeung says what about a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne? (Memories of 1984!) Every year groups of walkers converge on Holy Island from Penrith, Lanark, Newcastle and Edinburgh, each carrying a large wooden cross as a form of Christian witness. They walk about 20 miles each day, stay overnight on church hall floors, and cross the Pilgrims Causeway on Good Friday you too can walk on water!), Each “leg” has 15 — 20 people who walk together and take turns at carrying the cross, and the groups meet at the causeway to spend Easter with each other and the residents of Lindisfarne. For further details please contact Thomas Yeung, Epsom 27931.


The Diocese of Portsmouth 10th Annual Easter Pilgrimage will explore a distant part of their diocese Jersey. From Monday 27th March to Saturday 1st April, the pilgrimage is organised on a similar basis to our own. The cost of the pilgrimage is £70 including return rail transport from home, return ferry to Jersey, food, accommodation and transport of luggage. For an application form and further details write to Margaret Archer


Moira Stephens has returned from her sojourn in Australia. She had a marvellous trip home, mostly by train, visiting New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Russia.


Max Bath was married to Ruth Marratt at St Peter’s, Wivelsfield Green (with a dispensation from form) on 17th December. Patrick Reeve and Julian Martin were ushers.

Debbie Davies is engaged to marry Tony Ellis in October.

 Julie D’Arcy (Buckfast 2, Evesham, Lindisfarne and Birthdays Pilgrimages) is engaged to Alvin Heng and they are planning to get married on 9th September in Southport.

And two other marriages this year in the Kelly clan: Elaine Kelly (Canterbury 2, Sussex, Buckfast 2 and Evesham Pilgrimages) will be married to David McMahon at St Peter’s, Hove, on 12th August, the first day of the pilgrimage what terrible timing, Elaine!

And on the same day Clare de Normanville is engaged to marry Jim Turner, who is going to become Mr Jim de Normanville (!), probably in Sheffield. She is working in the burns and plastic surgery unit of the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. She says Sheffield is a great place with all the amenities of a big town and superb countryside in every direction.

The third engagement in the Kelly clan is Pam Kelly (Walsingham 1) who is planning marriage with one Philip in Birkenhead on 3rd June.


Andrew Mottram (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 & 2 and Sussex Pilgrimages) has written to give me some solid news to dilute the gossip! Andrew, now a chartered management accountant is getting married in the Spring in Norwich to Jenny Henderson who he met at Exeter University. They are planning to buy a house in the Harpenden area. He is working for Whitbread’s in their Beefeater Steak Houses section on acquisitions and developments, which include their restaurant in the Brighton Marina complex. He still enjoys walking and still supports the Albion. Andrew has completed four years of exams as a chartered management accountant.


Joyce Cockhill (Canterbury 1 & 2, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury and Sussex) has moved from Bexhill-on-Sea and left no forwarding address. As mentioned a couple of newsletters ago, I have not got a current address for Adrian Tweedale, Eileen O'Connor, Stuart Matthews, Debbie Dewhurst, Barbara Dickman, Caroline Farrar, Paul and Adam Greenland, and Therese McDermott. Please let me know (in writing please!) if you know addresses for any of these.


Charles Perrott (St Joan and Evesham Pilgrimages) is now a senior houseman in paediatrics in Banbury. Last summer Margaret Cullen (Wessex and Walsingham 2) was working with a mobile clinic in Guyana on a scientific and community aid programme. According to a Basingstoke local paper she was frequently in combat with tarantulas, scorpions, piranha fish and electric eels! Roger Galvin has now recovered from what he describes as “a high speed parking accident with a lamp post”, . And let me have your news far the next edition of the pilgrim newsletter please!!


Please pray for Pamela Allum (or Gill) who is in Homefield Ward in Worthing Hospital. Please pray for Tom Jeffers’ mother who died on 25th January that she may enjoy the glory of heaven. Mike Sharp has completed his radiation treatment and is recovering well. He asks for your continued prayers. And please pray for Monica McLauchlan who is undergoing hospital tests.