or Pilgrimage Newsletter No 34, October 1989


This summer’s pilgrimage was said by many to the best yet. We were untroubled by traumas occurring either from the environment or from personalities. We enjoyed beautiful stretch of countryside, with mostly easy walking arid fine weather. Although we often crossed the routes of other pilgrimages, our route lay through mostly new territory for the pilgrims. Except for Oxford we stayed away from large centres of population and enjoyed the peace of the countryside and smaller towns and villages.


So taken were we with walking in the footsteps of St Richard, that when we read of his final preaching journey from Chichester to Dover we decided to follow it next year. It is mentioned that he visited Selsey, Ferring, Tarring, and Brighton, and then headed into Kent where he fell ill, and died at Maison Dieu in Dover. So we will visit all those places, and also Lewes where he had earlier performed a miracle, He also made a few journeys to the continent, so we decided to finish our pilgrimage with a day trip from Dover to Boulogne. Halls are now being investigated. Route planners have volunteered. So do keep 18th August to 1st September free to continue walking in the footsteps of St Richard.


None of our pilgrimages have ever passed through Uckfield. “Where is that,” you say. Anne Pollington (Sussex, Buckfast 2, Evesham, etc), an inhabitant of Uckfield, grieved by such ignorance, has invited us all to have our 1989 Pilgrimage Reunion in Uckfield. “But how will we ever find it,” you say. Never fear, Alan Fox has provided a super publicity sheet which is enclosed herewith2 with all the instructions you will need. Send off your application form and money straight away, set out with stout hearts, follow Alan’s instructions, and you will find Uckfield! Was it St Thomas More who wrote the prayer, “Pray for me, and I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in Uckfield”, or something along those lines?


Please pray for Wally Fielder, husband of Jenny, who died last autumn. Sadly he had a heart attack while travelling up to London on the train. Jenny has moved to 16, Hackenden Close, East Grinstead, where she is hoping to start life anew. She thanks all the pilgrims for their prayers. (Wally joined us for a few days on the Sussex Pilgrimage, and Jenny has joined us for a few days on many of the pilgrimages.)


Liz Halley is now studying Biochemistry and Physiology at Dundee University. Her term-time address is 3, Pitfour Street, Dundee. Eddie Collard (Canterbury 1 & 2, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Buckfast 1, but not Evesham) is now the sub—editor of the local paper In Evesham, “The Evesham Journal”. I hope you are giving all the pilgrimages to Evesham full coverage Eddie! Will Parker (Canterbury 1 and Walsingham 1) says he now has two jobs, two kinds of job, two kids, and not enough time to go on Pilgrimages sounds tough! Philip Lennon has now retired as Vicar of Crowborough a. He made a great ecumenical contribution to this year’s pilgrimage. Matthew Huntbach (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 2, Evesham, Lindisfarne and Birthdays) is starting a lectureship at Queen Mary College, London, in computer studies, Susan McCabe (nee Martin) (Holy Year, Canterbury 1 & 2, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Papal, etc) has recently been awarded a Doctorate in Social Sciences. In early August, George and Karen Evans (Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 & 2, Sussex, etc) welcomed George Matthew Evans into their family. Gillian McLauchlan has been given promotion at work and is now a DOIC Deputy Officer In Charge.


The big news on the marriage front is that Thomas Yeung and Lesley Eadie are now engaged. Their wedding is planned for. 31st march 1990 at St Joseph’s, Epsom. Helen Fox (Canterbury 2) has recently become Mrs Helen Reilly. Her husband John is studying Veterinary Medicine at Bristol University. Helen is teaching 7 year olds at a junior school in Bristol. Clare Cann (Sussex) is now married to John Lees, and has just moved  Her husband is studying theology at St Stephens House. It was great to see them both for our Mass in Chichester Cathedral. lassie Barrett (Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Glastonbury) is now Mrs Frost and living in Milton Keynes. She still keeps in touch with Edwina Holmes (Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Glastonbury), now Mrs Terry Turner, who is living nearby in Leighton Buzzard. On 29th July 1989, Siobhan O’Brien married. Michael Stephens, who she met on an A&B Lourdes Pilgrimage 2 years ago. Father Kieran officiated. Gary was Musical Director, Usher and General Factotum, and looked very smart in top hat and tails!


Edna, from York, joined our pilgrimages for the first time this year, and walked every step of the way. Sadly she became very ill on the journey home and had to spend several weeks in hospital. She has written to ask whether any of the pilgrims know of a reasonably priced convalescent home. It is the reasonably priced bit which Is so difficult. If anyone feels they can help do get in touch with her.


Do you ever see the little magazine Missions, Missionaries, and Young Churches? In the Autumn 1989 issue they have a lovely picture of Carol McMahon (Canterbury 1 & 2, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Buckfast 1, Sussex, etc) under the heading “Please Pray for our Deceased Members”. But Carol is alive and well, and as the caption explains, she has taken on the job of illuminating the Association for the Propagation of the Faith’s Remembrance Book at their Eccleston Square headquarters.


Also photographed by the press recently was Sr Margaret Patricia (known to us as Sr Margaret Crinyion * Buckfast 2, Evesham, Wessex) in the new book—binding department of the Convent of the Poor Glares at Cross Bush, The West Sussex Gazette article of 3rd August reads, “Nuns at a West Sussex Convent are about to learn the art of book—binding thanks to Mr Nicholas Shreeve. Mr Shreeve used to operate his business in Arundel, but moved to a mobile hut at the convent to teach the nuns the skills of his trade. Now 67, he says he will soon retire, and then his bindery business will be left to the nuns. "But first I must teach them the skills,” ho said. The Abbess is delighted about the new activity. Canon Tony Whale held a service to bless the new enterprise. Among the first of the 39. nuns there to learn the old craft was Sr Margaret Patricia, who is a cook (!), and said she was delighted to have the privilege of helping to keep such an ancient craft alive. She added that she is an avid reader and can finish as many as three books a week if she has, the time.


And talking of Sr Margaret (chief busker in Bath), I have received a letter from the secretary of the Chichester Cathedral Trust: “I am writing on behalf of the Trustees to thank you and your fellow pilgrims most warmly for such a delightful donation of £40.50 which I gather you gallantly collected during a busking session by the Market Cross. I am only sorry I was not there to enjoy your efforts. Will you please pass on my sincere thanks to all those who were involved and let them know that such generosity is very touching and an inspiration to all of us who are involved with this important task.


Brenda Dillon was awarded first prize for a photograph of Sheila Tilley and Monica Russell braving the downpour on the deckchair promenade at Eastbourne on the rest day of the Third Canterbury Pilgrimage.


This year we did not keep up the impeccable pilgrimage record for never losing a hymn book! Monica has lost a few from the stock, which is still basically the property of St Patrick’s, Woodingdean. If you have found a lost hymn-book please contact Monica on 0273-680025.


Sat 18 Chichester to Selsey

Sue Earley

Sun 19 Selsey to ?Littlehampton

Philip Lennon

Mon 20 ?Littlehampton to Worthing via Ferring and Tarring

Jeffers Family

Tue 21 . Worthing to Brighton

Lesley Hill (and Simon Tan)

Wed 22 Rest Day in Brighton

Patrick Reeve

Thu 23 Brighton to ?Ringmer via Lewes

Patrick Reeve

Fri 24 ?Ringmer to ?Hailsham

Maurice Hickman

Sat 25 ?Hailsham to St Leonards

Gary O’Brien

Sun 26 St Leonards to Rye

Nick Lamb (and Clare O’Shea)

Mon 27 Rest Day in Rye

Gillian McLauchlan

Tue 28 Rye to Dymchurch

Liz Halley (and Lucy Birkenshaw)

Wed 29 Dymchurch to Folkestone

Bill Haynes

Thu 30 Folkestone to Dover

Mark Dowling

Fri 31   Dover - Boulogne - Dover

Frances Dean and Andy Ollard

Sat 1 Journey Home by Coach




Pilgrimage Secretary

Andy Ollard

Minutes Secretary

Alan Fox

Chief Route Planner

Louise Ingelbrecht

Accommodation Officer

Bill Haynes

Assistant Accommodation Officer

Brenda Dillon

Minutes Secretary

Alan Fox


Frances Dean

Catering team



Penny and Bill Gregory


Monica McLauchlan

Day Pilgrims

Gillian McLauchlan

Van Driver

Cedric Birkenshaw

Assistant Van Driver

Ian Sanderson




Bill Haynes