or Pilgrimage Newsletter No 35, January 1990


Pilgrims, here is your main mailing for 1990, with posters and application forms for the second part of the St Richard Pilgrimage, following his last preaching journey from Chichester to Dover. Halls are booked all along the route. Route planners are out seeking out a beautiful footpath route with downland and sea views. Please tell your friends, and particularly the young people of your parishes about it. Would you also please ensure, if you live in the Arundel and Brighton Diocesan area, that the poster is displayed on your church notice board, and stays on display until the pilgrimage! But experience shows that the best advertisement is by word of mouth from those who have actually taken part. After all people need a bit of convincing that such a crazy way of spending precious holiday time could be so enjoyable! So several copies of the poster are enclosed for you to spread around. Please ask for more if you can use them.


In the early discussions about next year’s pilgrimage we talked about concluding the pilgrimage with a day trip from Dover to Boulogne. That was before we realised the possibilities of Dover as a place of pilgrimage interest and celebration. So it was decided at the Reunion that our traditional celebration day should be in Dover and Boulogne would be an additional option after the main pilgrimage was over. If you are interested in this day trip on Saturday 1st September please tick the appropriate line on the application form.


Well over 50 pilgrims managed to find Uckfield for a marvellous reunion weekend at the end of November. Not only did we find Uckfield but we found their very well equipped scout headquarters hidden in the trees, which made an excellent base for the pilgrims to swap past memories and current news. Our Saturday walk was blessed with strong autumn sunshine. Thanks to Anne Pollington (Sussex, Buckfast 2, Evesham and Walsingham 2) for her super organisation.


The following new addresses have been notified: Anne de Normanville (Buckfast 1 & 2 and Sussex)  is to be congratulated on gaining a 2.1 BSc degree from the University of Surrey in Home Economics and Religious and Theological Studies. Margaret (née Brockman, -Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1 and Glastonbury) and Charles King now have three children, Simon, Dominic and Timothy.


Claire (also nee Brockman! —Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Evesham and Lindisfarne) and Nick Parsons (Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury, Evesham and Lindisfarne) are now the proud parents of Euan Francis, born 3rd November 1989, a brother for Aidan and Martin. Ian Sanderson has decided to leave the Josephite order, and is now living at 13, Whitby Road., Loftus, Saltburn-by-the-sea, Cleveland, TS13 4LZ. He asks for the pilgrims’ prayers to guide him in making future decisions about his vocation in, life. The Kent brewers, Shepherd Neame, have introduced a new beer to celebrate our walk to Dover entitled Pilgrims Bitter. It is a low alcohol bitter, much to Patrick Reeve’s disgust! John and Dawn Willson (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 & 2 and Lindisfarne) are retiring this year from the Diplomatic Service, and so Dawn may be home to take part in this summer’s pilgrimage. Moggy Stephens (Walsingham 1, Canterbury 2 and Buckfast 1) is now working on the Leukaemia Unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and has the world’s most beautiful puppy, she says, Chloe.


By all accounts Clare de Normanville (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 and Evesham) and Jim Turner had a super wedding up in Sheffield on Saturday 12th August, just as we began our pilgrimage. Raquel Gonzalez (Glastonbury and Canterbury 2) was chief bridesmaid. Nick Parsons entertained everyone at the reception with a selection of pilgrim songs. Debbie Davies (Buckfast 1 & 2, Sussex, Papal and Evesham Pilgrimages) and Tony Ellis were united on Saturday 7th October. There were a lot of pilgrims at the evening reception including Patrick Reeve. Linda Green. Tony Brockman, Paul Anson, Nicky Marshall, Max Bath, Steve O’Shea, and Fr Bill, to wish them happiness. Future pilgrim weddings for your diary: Thomas Yeung and Lesley Edie at St Joseph’s, Epsom on Saturday 31st March 1990. Julian Martin and Dorothy Jones at the Sacred Heart, Hove on Saturday 21st July 1990.


Thomas Yeung (Walsingham 2, Canterbury 3 and St Richard 1) is the organiser of the “Penrith Leg" of the Northern Cross Pilgrimage. They will set out on Friday 6th April from Penrith via Brampton and Haltwhistle to near Hexham. From there they will follow a similar route to our Lindisfarne Pilgrimage in 1984 arriving in Holy Island for Easter Sunday 15th April. There they will be joined by others from the Newcastle, Edinburgh and Lanark “legs”. The pilgrimage will cost around £70 and further information can be had from Tom


Do let me have your news which you would like to share with other pilgrims. The next newsletter will go out with the routecards at the beginning of August.