Dear Friends,

            NEWSLETTER           January 1992

St. David’s - An Overview

Not only is our destination far afield, but for only the second time in our pilgrimage history we will be both starting and finishing our walk outside the diocese.

We’re expecting the nature of our pilgrimage to be different too, not only because we’re venturing over new territory - at least as far as most of us are concerned - but also we want to spend some time exploring areas like the Gower Peninsula and around St David’s (Dewisland). That will probably mean that we’ll spend two or three days around these areas, their churches and shrines as well as country and coast: one or two soon after we set Out and an additional day at our destination - between arrival and celebration - to walk and visit the places associated with St. David in the area.

We must see, too, how we can celebrate along our way two of the chief characteristics of St. David’s fame - his eloquence (the dove usually portrayed on his shoulder is a symbol of this) and his temperance (he was known as ‘The Waterman’!). Other stories about St. David give us connections to earlier pilgrimages - last year’s, since he is said to have founded a church in Glastonbury, and 1986 - his cleansing of the waters of Bath.

If you wanted to join David’s monastic community, it is said that you would first have had to demonstrate your resolve by waiting in silence for ten days outside the gate before being admitted - when the time comes, we will be less rigorous with prospective pilgrims!

A heddiw gellir dysgu neges y sant hwn gan bawb sy’n ymweld a ‘r hen ddinas. (And today the message of this saintly man can still be learned by all who visit the ancient city).

Pilgrim Babies

Leslie and Thomas Yeung are now the proud parents of Rory Cameron Ka Chan Yeung. He was born on 10th August weighing 8lbs and he attended the Banstead reunion.

Charlotte Louise Ellis, daughter of Debbie née Davies alias Duckpond, also attended the Banstead reunion, aged 8 months. Charlotte Louise is also the name of the daughter of Alex Ollivier (St Richard 1 Pilgrimage) now 18 months old. We reported in the last newsletter that Emma Moon (flee Regan - Buckfast 2 & Evesham Pilgrimages) also had a daughter called Charlotte Louise. Any advance on three?

Pamela Kelly (Wessex Pilgrimage) is now Mrs Knight, living in Birmingham and expecting her first child.

Janet Paxton (nee Angel - Canterbury 1 & 2 Pilgrimages) is now living in Canada and has recently given birth to her third child.

Seonaid Joynson (née Susan Grafen - Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury 1 and Sussex Pilgrimages) now has a daughter, Jasmine, aged 1½. Seonaid is a school nurse and her husband, Vernon, works in local Government.

Her sister, Lucy (Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1 & Glastonbury 1 Pilgrimages), and Keith are also parents to Niamh, aged 8 months. They are living in Newbury, Berkshire, and both are psychiatrists.

Hymn Books

There was a distinct shortage of hymn books after the last pilgrimage, would anyone who happened to put one in their luggage please return them via Monica McLauchlan

Bob Perrott, RIP

Bob Perrott, who walked with us on Buckfast 2, and avoided all the hills, father of Charles Perrott, died suddenly of a heart attack on 22nd November 1991. His funeral mass was at St. Joan’s, Farnham on 2nd December 1991.

Patrick’s Double Glastonbury

In the awards ceremony at Glastonbury, we overlooked the fact that one pilgrim walked the whole of both Glastonbury Pilgrimages, 1978 and 1991. Congratulations Patrick Reeve!


It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Joan Kelly on Monday, 7th October 1991. With Frances Dean and Rosemary Wheeler she initiated the “new wave” in pilgrimage catering in 1979 on the Second Canterbury Pilgrimage. Joan helped again with the catering on the Papal Pilgrimage in 1982 and was also with us for part of the Sussex Pilgrimage in 1981. She has suffered from a prolonged and increasingly severe illness for the last two years. Many of the pilgrims were present at the Reception Mass on Thursday 10th October and at the Requiem Mass and Burial the next day. We offer our sympathy to her husband George, and her daughters Annette, Glenda and Elaine, all of whom have walked with us on several pilgrimages (news update below), and to her son John Paul who was a baby on the Papal Pilgrimage.


All those who were on the Second Glastonbury Pilgrimage will know Fr. Bill Haynes has been promoted to the post of president, in order that others can do all the work! At the committee meeting on 22nd September, Alan Fox was chosen as the new pilgrimage organiser and chairman. His team will be:

Accommodation Officer

Andy Ollard

Bookings Secretary

Gillian McLauchlan


Patrick Reeve

General Secretary

Margaret Nicholls

Chief Route Planner

Sue Earley


Frances Dean

Van Drivers

Bill Gregory

Publicity and Press Officers

Monica McLauchlan and Gary O’Brien

Medical Officer

Danny Thomas

Sandwich Queens

Claire Fellingham and Nicky Brown

Drinks Car

Diana Linfield

Day Pilgrims

Louise Ingelbrecht

Newsletter Editor

Margaret Nicholls


Fr. Bill Haynes

Transport Officer

Linda Green


Olly Dennis (Olwyn Marriott of the Holy Year Pilgrimage) is studying for a degree in theology at La Sainte Union in Southampton. Her daughters Imogen and Briony are now 15 and 11 so we might see them on a pilgrimage one day

 Sister Margaret Crinyion (Buckfast 2, Evesham and Wessex Pilgrimages) is no longer with the Poor Clares at Arundel and is back with the Servite Order. She has not been enjoying the best of health, but is improving slowly, and hopes one day to be able to tackle long walks again!

Annette Kelly (Walsingham 1, Glastonbury 1, Canterbury 2 and Buckfast 1 Pilgrimages) is now Deputy Head of St. George’s School, Kilburn.

Steve Venn (Canterbury 3 Pilgrimage) has now settled in Finland, and he tells us he is engaged to a lovely Finnish nurse called Airi. They are planning to get married in the summer of next year. He sends his greetings to all pilgrim friends and a welcome to visit Finland.

Catherine Hulsebosch (St. Richard 1 Pilgrimage) has completed a pilgrimage walk to Compostela. She sends her love to everyone and says that there is a possibility that she may walk with us again next summer.

Anne de Normanville (Buckfast 1 & 2 and Sussex Pilgrimages) has gone back to teaching. She is enjoying teaching a class of 9-10 year olds. Anne is living with the Prince of Peace Community in Beckenham.

Carolyn Jee (Glastonbury 1 and Canterbury 2 Pilgrimages) is now nursing in Wimbledon. Anne De’Ath has got engaged - Congratulations!

Clare Cann (Sussex Pilgrimage) is now Mrs John Lees. Her husband was ordained a Deacon in the Church of England on 29th June, and is serving his Diaconate at St. Mary’s in Eastbourne Old Town.

Catherine Grafen (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 and Sussex Pilgrimages) has recently been awarded the Bene Merenti medal. Chris and Katrina Dobbe are now the proud parents of a baby boy, born 17th November. James weighed in at 8lb 4ozs. Patrick Harrison married Margaret McCabe, no further details as yet. Patrick Reeve is now clean shaven for the first time in at least ten years, raising £38 for Children in Need. Mikaela Bradnum has passed her driving test.

Changes Of Address

Not available on-line.

Poems From Danny

On the Glastonbury Pilgrimage last year, many of us heard the delightful poems that were read Out by our Medical Officer, Danny Thomas. I’ve included these so that you can remind yourself of them - if I can get hold of a copy of The Cross In My Pocket which was so movingly read out to us by Marlyn Thornton, I will include it in the next issue.

A Fraction Of Silence  

Silence is but a small suffering for Our Lord; 

The minute anguish of a verbal world, 

The tiny sense of tension of time alone in tranquility, 

The fearful feeling of frustration in front, around, behind, above and within me.


O Lord, take away my sins and cleanse me,

Heal me and take away the badness from within me.

Give me just a fraction of the confidence of Our Lady at the Annunciation,

The wisdom of the Father at the creation,

The strength of the Son at the Crucifixion,

The fulfillment of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost,

And the faith of your Saints throughout the ages.            AMEN.

 The Hills of Life-The Mountain of Faith

The bottom of the hill, our lives of confusion and worry;

Our aim the summit, its ascent arduous and scary.

We climb, we fall back, we slip and we slide,

With Satan in the greasy soil and Jesus at our side.

The silence increases, the anxiety and turmoil decreases,

At the top of the hill, Paradise, our journey ceases.

The heavenly smells, the sincerity of prayer,

Behind us, the footholds of faith which helped us there.

Recalling all our uncertainty, fear and doubt, we record ­

At the top of the hill is the certainty of God.

The Walk Of Silence  

Through the woods along ancient paths I would ramble,

On either side a throng of bluebells and bramble.

Chinks of sunlight peek through the firs and the beech.

On to God’s wildlife, His special stamp on each.

I come to a crossroads; the crossroads of life?

Looking back on this vale of tears, of problems and strife.

With me all the way is the shadow of God’s hand,

Taking me with Him to the Promised Land.