October 1992

Dear Friends,

Well thatís over for another year! This years walk tried and tested everyone in a variety of ways (including the rain!) and we are all the better for having come through it. Next yearís walk is already in the first stages of planning - we are going to NORWICH. The route is likely to start at Guildford and go via St Albans and Cambridge before going on to Norwich, more details as and when they are decided. Enclosed with this newsletter you will find the application form for the reunion, please try and make it- itís always good to see old friends.

Pilgrims On The Move

Sue Earley has now started her teaching certificate and has moved to Mottingham.

Father Rob Taylerson is now at the English College in Rome, studying Spirituality, and you can write to him there.

Pilgrim News

Steve OíShea has got engaged to a lovely French girl by the name of Pascal.

Claire Fellingham has passed her driving test at the first attempt!

Congratulations to both of them.


Just a brief reminder to you all that any news you would like included in future newsletters should be sent to Margaret Nicholls.

The rest of this newsletter I am handing over to the committee chairman, Alan Fox, so Iíll sign off now.

God Bless.  


Dear Pilgrims,

Yes! Do come to our reunion and hear all about it Ė see the photos, hear the tales, share the splendour, feel the pain. We really did have the most marvellous pilgrimage, more than justifying the advocacy of those who have wanted us to walk to St Davidís for some years now and reminding us of all that pilgrimaging is about: people and places, community on the move, simplicity and celebration, life and death.

Strange blessing, John Cullenís death in his sleep during the last night of our pilgrimage. As ever, he had made a good pilgrimage, taken a lively interest in all about him, a quiet but effective member of our group; he had celebrated with us that evening in fine style and completed his lifeís journey too that night. We mourned him, sorrowed with his family and other friends but also thanked God for his life and rejoiced in such a significant climax to his personal pilgrimage.

Hoping to see you at Shoreham next month,

Yours sincerely,