Dear Friends,

As you read this newsletter, the final preparations for this year’s Pilgrimage will be virtually complete, and everything appears to be going to plan. The strengths that we gained from our experiences last year should serve us well on our journey, both spiritually and physically. As usual, there are several news items for everyone to catch up on — so here goes.

Bill Haynes’ Silver Jubilee

Our founding Father Bill Haynes celebrated his Silver Jubilee in fine style at Redhill on Tuesday, 13th July. Bishop Cormac and many brother Priests were present as well as family, friends, parishioners past and present and, of course, walking pilgrims. We presented him with a handsomely framed and suitably inscribed map of all the pilgrimage routes to date. Amongst his many other gifts was a magnificently decorated cake depicting the various aspects of his life. We are grateful to Bill for acting as accommodation officer this year and for coordinating the alternative transport details. We are especially pleased that he hopes to be walking with us this year all the way.

Bits ‘N’ Pieces

Sue Earley, our Chief Route Planner, has passed tier PGCE course and has a teaching post at James Allen Girls School starting in September.

Edna Davies is unable to walk with us this year following the death of her husband in February.

Max and Ruth Bath arc expecting their first child this month, look for an update in the next newsletter, Max is hoping to join us at Cambridge on the rest day.

Andrew Mottram became a father in January, no details as yet.

Andrew’s sister, Cecilia (now Mrs Symons), has been in touch with up to date news of her own family — Cecilia and Mark are the proud parents of Hayley (3) and Beth (1). Cecilia hopes to join us for a couple of days around the Cambridge area near where she lives and asks any other pilgrims from Canterbury 1, Buckfast 1 or the Sussex Pilgrimages to join her.

Fr Rob Taylerson is back in England for a while during the summer break in his course at the Collegio Inglese in Rome, he will be our Chaplain again this year.

Several pilgrims were involved in this year’s version of the Wey South to Peru walk, Fr Metcalfe is now in El Salvador and money was raised for a project he is involved in.

Camping proved a very windy, wet and sunburnt affair (work that one out !) for several pilgrims including Patrick Reeve, Phil Sharp, Nicola Brown, Robert Duffield, Claire Fellingham, Debbie Davies, Tim Foden, Sue Earley and yours truly over the last bank holiday weekend. There was all kinds of weather, we got sunburnt on the beach on Saturday, it rained on the first night (Patrick’s tent sprung a leak) and Debbie’s tent was threatening to fly off over the fields thanks to the gale force winds that were present the whole time (requiring a needle and thread emergency repair job).

Mike Simons RIP

A well known and much loved pilgrim, Mike sadly suffered a stroke from which he did not recover. The funeral service was described by many as not being a sombre occasion but a celebration of his life. The next newsletter will contain an article written about Mike by one of his fellow pilgrims. You are asked to remember Mike and his family in your prayers. Our opening mass at St Joseph’s, Guildford at 10 am on Saturday, 14th August will give a special remembrance to Mike Simons and John Cullen, beloved pilgrims who have died since we set out on last year’s walk. Those not walking with us arc always especially welcome to see us off and will be the more so this year as we remember our friends in this way.

Julian Of Norwich

If you wish to have your own Copy of Julian of Norwich’s ‘Revelations Of Divine Love’ then a reasonable and good version is that published by Hodder & Stoughton in their Christian Classics series at £2.99, or another print can be found in Penguin Classics at £5.99.

Pilgrims On The Move

Not available online

The Reunion

A suggestion has been made that we hold the reunion in Redhill this year to celebrate Bill’s jubilee, any other ideas or offers of help should he made known to the committee.

1994 And All That

It might seem a bit premature to be thinking about next year when we have not yet done this year’s walk but we need to think about it early because of all the organising that is involved. Suggestions so far include — Hereford & Worcester, a Newman Pilgrimage, Buckfast 3 and a more local walk staying in the diocese. No doubt the usual vote will take place so we are still open to ideas.

Don’t forget, any other bits for the newsletter should be sent to Margaret Nicholls.

Until the next time, God Bless and keep safe.