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Contributors to this edition are: Frances Dean, Maurice Hickman, Margaret Nicholls and Andy Ollard.

Fr. Bill Celebrates 25 years of Priesthood

On Tuesday, 13th July, 1993, Fr Bill concelebrated Mass together with Bishop Cormac and many of his brother priests at St Joseph’s Church, Redhill.

Many pilgrims joined the parish in the celebration. This year’s pilgrimage coordinator, Alan Fox, read the First Reading at the Mass, which was followed by a reception in the Parish Centre. To mark the occasion Eileen Fox had beautifully decorated a cake with hob-nail boots, rucksack and angel!

The pilgrims presented Bill with a map of England with each of the 20 pilgrimage routes marked on it. Every pilgrim attending the next reunion will have an opportunity to view this gift (see over for reunion details).


This year we took part in our 20th Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage. The walk started in cathedral city of Guildford and ended in the Cathedral city of Norwich * a journey on foot of some 230 miles. However, it was not all walk and no play as we usually entertained ourselves in the evening and had rest days in St Albans and Cambridge. In St Albans there was an extra treat in store for us; we were all invited to a civic reception given by the Mayor. In Cambridge many either explored the cultural areas of the city, went shopping or had a splash at punting.

On each day of the pilgrimage we were both bodily and spiritually refreshed. Bodily refreshment was taken at the drink stops en route which were provided by the pilgrimage drinks team and by the bar staff at the pubs where we stopped for lunch. Our spiritual needs were met at the churches of various denominations at which we stopped. At these a short service was conducted either by the local minister or, failing this, by one of the pilgrims.

The theme of the pilgrimage was Julian of Norwich who wrote the ‘Revelations of Divine Love’. She was a fourteenth century anchoress who lived a lonely spiritual life in her small cell in Norwich. The cross which all the pilgrims wore on this pilgrimage was ingeniously designed so that it represented not only an anchor but also two Js back to back.

When, after a fortnight of walking, the pilgrims finally arrived in Norwich, footsore yet full of a sense of great achievement, they visited both the Catholic and Anglican cathedrals. The following day they visited the church of St Julian. Mother Julian’s anchorage was on the south side of the sanctuary. This has since been restored and is now a small chapel. We celebrated Mass in the main church to the accompaniment of pilgrim guitars and wind instruments.

The climax of our last full day together was the celebration meal. Here all the pilgrims were treated to a magnificent meal. They also had the opportunity to ‘let their hair down’ both during the meal and at the prize giving ceremony afterwards. At this ceremony medals were given out to all those who had stayed the distance. Sensible prizes like pictures of Norwich were given to the organisers of the pilgrimage and silly prizes to certain pilgrims who had earned a dubious reputation for something. One such silly prize was a small blow up doll which was awarded to four of the women pilgrims who were caught dancing without a partner.

The final day of the pilgrimage was spent packing our bags, saying farewell to other pilgrims and making our way home on the coaches to various destinations in Surrey and Sussex. Everyone found this pilgrimage most enjoyable. unfortunately all good things eventually have to come to an end. However, we will have a reunion at Redhill in November to look forward to and also our pilgrimage next August which will be to Hereford.


For those pilgrims that did not join us this year, here is the design of this year’s Pilgrim cross. As usual, it was designed and made by Geoff Bedford. It incorporates inverted ‘J’s to remind us of the writings, lifestyle and spirituality of Mother Julian of Norwich. She was the first woman to write a book in English. On joining, the pilgrimage, each pilgrim was given a booklet containing Meditations on Julian of Norwich, together with their cross.


Those of you who signed for destinations in Norwich will be interested to know that Hereford was the most popular choice. So plans are in hand for our 21st Walking Pilgrimage to Hereford next August. We are hoping to start from Guildford again and spend rest days in Marlborough and Chepstow walking up the Wye Valley via Tintern Abbey to Hereford The destination is the site of the shrine of St Thomas de Cantilupe who was canonised in the 14th century. His shrine was the second most popular place of pilgrimage after St Thomas A Becket in Canterbury. Hereford also has the best chained library in the country. Among its treasures is the ‘Cider Bible’ and the Mappa Mundi.

As many of you will know, in 1995 we will be celebrating our 20th Year of Walking Pilgrimages and. hope to make it a local celebration. However, we know that some pilgrims found some of the daily walks very long this year and we hope that route planners will bear this in mind for our next pilgrimage!

As those of you who joined this year’s pilgrimage will know, after two years in the role Alan Fox is taking a break as Pilgrimage Co-ordinator. We thank him for all his efforts in leading us on our past two pilgrimages. He and Eileen are planning to spend part of next year visiting their son in China. We wish them well in their travels. Could the Great Wall be a future A&B Walking Pilgrimage destination?

Andy Ollard is succeeding Alan as Pilgrimage Co-ordinator for The Hereford Pilgrimage. There are some changes to the co-ordinating team. Details of the new team will be included in the next edition of the newsletter to be published early next year.

However, we do need a van driver for next summer’s pilgrimage, if you know of anyone who might be interested please let Andy Ollard know.


Tom Murray dies on March 2nd 1993 after suffering, with great courage, for six months, from Lung Cancer.

Tom drove the van during the Papal Pilgrimage in 1982 and a smaller van/mini bus on the Evesham Pilgrimage in 1983.

Our prayers and condolences go to Jean and family (Jean and Patrick joined the Papal and Evesham Pilgrimages).

Tom is remembered with great affection and love by all his friends, for his great humour, hard work, always there in a crisis and the good times, and his love and concern for everyone.

He is greatly missed. R.I.P.


Earlier this year, Fr. Bill’s faithful computer printed its final pilgrimage label. Before the last pilgrimage mailing Andy Ollard transferred the Pilgrimage database to a new computer. Unfortunately this was based on information as at October 1991, which was the only copy we had! However, he now says that he has brought this information up to date. It is possible that you may not have received any mailing at the end of July. If this is the case our apologies. If there are still omissions or errors please let Andy know so that we can correct them.


As you will see from the enclosed invitation/application form this year’s Reunion will take place at Fr Bill’s Parish Centre, St Joseph’s, Redhill.

It will be an opportunity to see the pilgrimage map that was presented on behalf of all walking pilgrims to Fr Bill on the occasion of his silver jubilee.

The reunion organising team is: Pat and Keith Donachie, Joan Gale and Maurice Hickman who are working hard to ensure we have an enjoyable time.

If you haven’t been on a walking pilgrimage or reunion for some time please make a special effort to join us in Redhill on the weekend of 12 - 14th November 1993 to allow us to continue to celebrate Fr Bill’s Silver Jubilee year.

Application forms and location details are included with this mailing. If you are intending to join us please assist with the organisation by ensuring that your application and payment are returned promptly.


Simon Tan (St Richards 1 & 2) married Karen D’Rozario at St Francis of Assisi Church, Holland Park on 25th September. Pilgrim Musicians played at their Nuptial Mass.

Paul Mialek (Buckfast 1 & 2, and Sussex) is now married. Paul and his wife Ruth are expecting the birth of their first child in November.

Thomas and Lesley Yeung are expecting another addition to their family, a little brother or sister for Rory.

Tony Brockman (Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1) is dividing his time between caring for people with a learning disability and working as a part-time gardener. Tony is now living at 335 Church Road, Leyton, London E10. Tel: 081-539 3701.

Congratulations to all pilgrims who have starting their academic careers at university this year.


Following our most recent pilgrimage mailing, envelopes containing the names listed below, were returned marked ‘Gone Away’ Do you know the current addresses of any of these ‘lost’ pilgrims? If so please let us know what it is.

M. Carroll formally of Wimbledon.

Jo Cleary (Evesham, Wessex, Walsingham 2) formally of Beeston, Nottingham.

C. Crane (Sussex, Papal, Evesham, Lindisfarne, Walsingham 2, Canterbury 3) formally of Braintree, Essex.

Anthony Marshman (Lindisfarne, Birthday, Wessex) formally of Harrow, Middlesex.

Please forward any information for this column to: Andy Ollard

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Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimages, The Christian Education Centre, 4 Southgate Drive, CRAWLEY, West Sussex, RH10 6RP