“The Pilgrims”

            (to be sung to The Flintstones Theme )

Pilgrims, meet the Pilgrims

They’re a walking mobile family

From the town of Guildford

They’re a stream of Christianity.


Rambling, down path, road, lane and creek

Bringing Good News to all they meet

Pilgrims, meet the Pilgrims

Have a Canti-Cantilupe time, a Cantilupe time,

We’re here in Hereford

We’re here in Hereford.


Lyrics by Danny Thomas, August 1994

 The Hereford Pilgrimage

The nature of a Pilgrimage is that it’s meaning unfolds in the making of the journey as an act of prayer which is celebrated in its completion. So let us walk with the A&B Pilgrims beginning with the mass at St. Josephs where we receive our cross.­

1.         The loading of the Tates’ van with our new driver, Tony; luggage, music, cooking pots and the final special consignment; Frances are on board. With spirits rising after our first prayer stop at the Cathedral church of the Holy Spirit and on to Farnham.

2.         A Sunday scorcher along the canal to Old Basing and a banshee scream from the towpath on the appearance of the Allcock blister.

3.         Another scorcher but my boot split! Never before had I seen a man sitting in a deck chair on a pile of sand being attended by a young water nymph.

4.         Ah yes, Backmarking and a drinks table spread out by a mother & daughter and then to lunch where the dancing duo did the Tango on the village green.

5.         The Forest of Savernake with its lush green and the patchwork scenery.

6.         Rest Day in Marlborough; An early rise to the Launderette and a quiet tea shop invaded by pilgrims sends four policemen scampering back to work, there were no arrests!

7.         Walking on miles of gallops to lunch for mini reunion with Rosemary and then Sheila gave us a mini-tour of Avebury.

8.         Mass at St. Edmunds, Calne, with its marvellous tapestry and on to St. Peter’s, Chippenham with the magnificent blue glass stations of the cross.

9.         An open air Prayer Stop in the field where Caroline spoke very crisp & clear; a lovely idea for peace, pause and prayer.

10.       David & Will had arrived and all the arrows out of reach and the bouncy castle out of control! At least the Severn Bridge survived!

11.       Rest Day in Chepstow; A Pilgrim Knight in Shining Armour searched for a boot mender; Mission accomplished. Thank you Sir.

12.       Rainy start but at 2pm a shaft of light poured through the ruins of Tintern Abbey for our open air Mass giving a perfect circle of light. Alleluia!

13.       The high spot was the “Rock around the Trekkers pub”; Adrian you’re a star!

14.       Symonds Yat with it’s views and rock and the arrival of Frances by boat aided by Julian’s foghorn!

15.       Prayers in the United Reform Church where I met my old friend, Elfreida now an ordained minister in Ross-on-Wye. Her dogs enjoyed the walk to lunch, then onwards for a late arrival at Hereford Cathedral and prayers in The Lady Chapel.

16.       Celebration Day in Hereford even if it is quiet on a Sunday! We had mass at Belmont Abbey nearby! Later we enjoyed a shared Eucharist and celebration meal.

17.       Mass in the Cathedral and a chance to see the Mappa Mundi and the Chain Bible Library before lunch and our journey home.

So when people ask about my summer holiday I tell of the journey, as pilgrims not walkers; for we have a sacred purpose.


This year’s cross again designed by. Geoff Bedford incorporates symbolisms of St Thomas of Cantilupe, including the “C” in the centre and the “Fleur de Lis” being the emblem of the town in France with which he was associated. When we visited Belmont Abbey, near Hereford we saw the relics of St Thomas and his shrine at the cathedral.

Contributors to this edition are Brenda Dillon, Danny Thomas and Lesley Hill as acting editor!



Next year’s Route reflects three important anniversaries; -

i)          The 400th anniversary of the martyrdom of St Philip Howard, The Patron of our Diocese;

ii)         The 30th anniversary of A&B leaving Southwark and becoming a Diocese in its own right;

iii)         The 21st year of our Walking Pilgrimage! We plan to start from Arundel to Southwark where we will have a rest day and visit key places of all denominations associated with martyrdom in central London. We will even travel some of the route by boat like Pilgrims of old.

Returning from London we will take a familiar route (Canterbury 3) with a rest day in Eastbourne and then on via Lewes, again associated with martyrs, and to Brighton for our celebration day.

Being closer to home should make the task easier for route planners. There will be an opportunity to volunteer at the Reunion, However if you are not able to attend and still wish to plan a route please contact the Chief  Route Planner Louise Ingelbrecht.

Details of the team will follow in the next edition. As you are aware Alan Fox is again holding the reins whilst Andy Ollard is on Assignment in Singapore and Gillian McLauchlan is looking after the Pilgrimage database. A new initiative for next year is to have a Local Church Liaison Officer, to coordinate the prayer stops, a task which Mary Russell has agreed to undertake


Will be the weekend of 11th – 13th November at Cottesmore School, Hove. Full details are accompanying this newsletter.


Aid Simons would welcome any help in organising the Ropley anniversary weekend walk on lst/2nd April. If you can assist Aid can be contacted via e-mail.

Please forward any information for these columns to: Lesley Hill