You will have received full details in this mailing of this year’s Pilgrimage our 22nd during which we will celebrate our 20th anniversary year.

We will be breaking the usual pilgrim rule and venturing on a variety of transport other than foot; namely a boat from Hampton Court Bridge and a ride on the Docklands Light Railway towards Greenwich. This will be permissible for all pilgrims, however, those who wish to walk this stretch can at their own peril!

We will also be staying in variety accommodation some with showers and/or swimming pools on hand. On our Southwark rest day we wilt visit The Tower, Tyburn and Smithfield to further explore our Martyrs theme. It is also fitting that we will start from Arundel with St Philip Howard’s Shrine and on route visit West Horsley and Lewes with their own dedications to martyrs.

There will be diversity in worship too, the plans, yet to be finalised, will remain flexible and open to new ideas. It is helped this year by calling on route at churches where pilgrims are especially involved in the worship including the United Reformed Churches at Bromley (Gillian Trew), and East Grinstead (Alan & Eileen Fox), and St Michael’s, Lewes, (Monica & Mary Russell).

Our close proximity to the Diocese for this year’s Pilgrimage and our wide embracing theme should lead to more pilgrims joining and renewing old acquaintances along the way, so it would be wise to book early!!

20 BLISTERING YEARS! Ropley Reunion

Accompanying this Newsletter are the details of this event from Friday 31st March to Sunday 2nd April 1995 organised by Aid & Meld Simons in Ropley. As this mailing is being circulated to our widest audience comprising those who have joined at least one of our past pilgrimages. It is hoped as many pilgrims as possible will come and join the celebration.


11th - 13th November 1994

Cottesmore School, Hove

The weekend was well attended and provided us with the usual Autumn Reunion weather! The early arrivals had to wait until the children’s fireworks show was finished before gaining entry to the halls.

When more had arrived there was sojourn to the pub and soup and sandwiches were provided by Frances on our return.

On Saturday there was an ‘early’ rise and Frances had to be collected to come and cook breakfast. Many more pilgrims now began to arrive ready for the day’s walk led by Julian Martin, yes on foot and not four wheels! The rain was unceasing and some pilgrims had to retreat to their cars to rejoin us at lunch. We trudged up hill and down dale to Newtimber Hill and to Poynings in rivers of mud caused by the drenching south-westerly gale. Some contortions by Lanre got several pilgrims through a difficult barbed wire fence.

At Poynings we took over the Inn with our wet clothing draped everywhere and a welcome open fire. Yet more pilgrims relented from walking any further in the rain and reinforcements for backmarking were required.

At our God Stop led by Fr Rob, Brenda made a heartfelt announcement on behalf of Edna Davies that Rosemary for whom we had all been praying had responded to treatment.

We then made our way back through mud and water to the top of Devil’s Dyke, shrouded in thick fog and eventually arrived back at the school. It was only Julian’s familiarity with the route that saved us getting lost. With only he and Aidan frontmarking they deserve our praise.

At the school the cloakroom pegs were adorned with much sodden clothing (shades of Tenby) and more arrived for the evening celebrations including Fr David and Fr Bill. We continued the evening with dinner cooked by Jane Miekle and Frances and a very loud disco operated by a priest from Seaford. Those pilgrims not partaking retreated to other rooms to view photographs and discuss next year’s pilgrimage.

Sunday Mass was concelebrated by Frs Bill and Rob in the school with additional local pilgrims joining us. Afterwards the massive clean-up and departures began and a final party at lunch for some who were joined by other pilgrim friends unable, sadly, to make the whole reunion, before dispersing and going our separate ways from a very satisfactory reunion.

Peter Storrow

Our last 20 Years...

Where did you get your blisters?

1975 – Holy Year

1976 – Canterbury 1

1977 – Walsingham 1

1978 – Glastonbury 1

1979 – Canterbury 2

1980 – Buckfast 1

1981 – St Wilfrid’s

1982 – Papal

1982 – Buckfast 2

1983 – Evesham

1984 – Lindisfarne

1985 – Birthdays

1986 – Wessex

1987 – Walsingham 2

1988 – Canterbury 3

1989 – St Richard’s 1

1990 – St Richard’s 2

1991 – Glastonbury 2

1992 – St David’s

1993 – Norwich

1994 - Hereford

More Pilgrim News Please!

If you are unable to join us at the Ropley Reunion Weekend, it would be really good if you would write a short (or lengthy!) note about what you’ve be doing since we last heard form you. We hope to display these letters during the weekend so it would be useful if a photo could be included to help forgetful pilgrims identify you!!

We also hope to be able to publish some of these in the next edition of Pilgrim News. So please, get writing!


It is with great sadness that we report that Michael Sharp, Buckfast 2, Evesham, Lindisfarne, Wessex, Walsingham 2, died on the 9th November 1994. Michael had been ill for a number of years following a diagnosed brain tumour during which time he had been looked after with loving care and patience by Mary, and Mark and Phil.

Michael and Mary drove the drinks car on Wessex and Walsingham 2 pilgrimages.

Michael continued to join us on many pilgrimage occasions, most recently, at the Mass in Guildford at the start of the Hereford Pilgrimage. His funeral mass took place on 21st November 1994 at the Church of Our Lady of Consolation & St Francis, West Grinstead, which was concelebrated by the parish priest, Fr Charles Jeffries, Fr Bill and Mgr Pat Olivier and attended by past and present pilgrims. At the end of the mass his music therapist spoke of Michael’s delight and courage before playing a selection of his favourite tunes.

Michael is buried in the church grounds. May he live forever in the glory of God’s presence.


This year’s Portsmouth Pilgrimage is ‘The Test to the Thames’ and takes place form Monday 17th April to Saturday 22nd April 1995 Details can be obtained from Margaret Howells


Patrick Reeve, Glastonbury 1, Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1, St Wilfrid’s, Papal, Buckfast 2, Evesham, Lindisfarne, Birthday, Wessex, Walsingham 2, Canterbury 3, St Richard’s 1 and 2, Glastonbury 2, St David’s, Norwich, Hereford, won the 1994 Business Management Student of the Year Award on 17th November. The competition had 102 applicants from the Sussex area and was sponsored by the Evening Argus. Congratulations Patrick!

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