This newsletter arrives with your mailing for our next pilgrimage adventure which begins in a few days time when we will gather in Arundel.

This year as we celebrate 20 years of walking we are reminded of that first pilgrimage by beginning once again in Arundel. Instead of retracing that original route, we first head for St. Georges Cathedral in Southwark, where we have a rest day before heading for the south coast and our second rest day in Eastbourne before heading west to finish and celebrate in Brighton. As much of our journey is close to our home area we hope to see many of you join us as day pilgrims!

Please keep in touch with your Pilgrim News — next edition is due out in October.


Claire McCreeny (née Charlier), Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury 2, Canterbury 2 writes ‘I’m married now, with an eleven month old son called Rupert. We live in the far north of Scotland, in Aberdeen. My husband, John, is an engineer for Shell. When I met him on a tropical island in Australia I had no idea that he would drag me up to live in such a cold place. Hopefully, though it won’t be forever. He’s due to be moved — probably overseas — later in the year. I would love to hear any news from any of the pilgrims who might remember me’.


Sister Margaret Crinyion OSM, Buckfast 2, Evesham, Walsingham 2, has moved.  Sister Margaret is living by herself, the better to be a contemplative. She would, however, always be at home to pilgrims Do call in if you are passing by but for a long visit a prior phone call would be helpful. The Haven is next door to Bethany, in the grounds of Maryvale.

Dawn Willson, Canterbury 2, Buckfast 1 & 2, Evesham, Lindisfarne and Wessex, and her husband, John, have moved to Provence last March.


Anne De’Ath, Lindisfarne, Birthday. Wessex, Walsingham 2. Canterbury 3, St. Richard’s 1 & 2, Glastonbury 2, St. David’s, and Jerry Sleight, St. Davids were married on 8th July in Yarm, Cleveland which was followed by a honeymoon in Majorca. Sadly they will not be able to join this year’s Pilgrimage — Anne says this is a ‘drawback of being self employed as a dentist’, if she doesn’t drill and fill she doesn’t get any pennies! However they do hope to join with us all again in the not too distant future.

Jerry has been embroiled in Studying GCSE Physics and A level Human Biology, in order to go on to study for a degree in Chiropody. His exams took place in June.

Alured Darlington, St. David’s, Norwich, Hereford, married Tas on 3rd June in London.

Marrietta Ort, Hereford, and Joseph Bonnici, Hereford, are continuing their pilgrimage down the aisle of St. Joseph’s Church, Stratford, Ontario, Canada on Saturday 11th August. They plan to reside in North Providence, Rhode Island, USA where Marrietta must become a student in order to stay in the country legally. She will be studying at the same college where Joseph teaches. Marietta says while she’s saddened to leave Canada, the adventure of married life awaits. They both hope that this year’s pilgrimage is filled melodic strolls through the countryside, delicious meals, inspiring God Stops, comfortable floors and high spirits. They ask for our prayers and hope to spend their first anniversary on next year’s pilgrimage.

Pat Olivier, Holy Year, Canterbury 1, Walsingham 1, Glastonbury 1, Canterbury 2 Buckfast 1. St. Wilfrid’s, Lindisfarne. Birthday, and Nicola Paget are to be married on 1st September

This year’s chief route planners, Louise Ingelbrecht, Evesham, Lindisfarne, Birthday, Wessex, Walsingham 2, Canterbury 3, St Richard’s 1 & 2, Glastonbury 2, St. David’s, Norwich, Hereford, and John Chenery, St. Richard’s 2, Glastonbury 2, St. David’s, Norwich, Hereford, announced their engagement during the Ropley Reunion. They are to be married at 2:30pm at St. Edward the Confessor, Keymer, West Sussex (OS Landranger Map 198, GR 313153) on 23rd September. Everyone is welcome to the church.

Congratulations to them all!


Congratulations are also due to Iwona and Gary O’Brien, Buckfast 1, St. Wilfred’s, Papal, Evesham, Lindisfarne, Birthday, Wessex, Walsingham 2, Canterbury 3, St. Richard’s 1 & 2 Glastonbury 2, St David’s, Norwich, on the birth of their son, Mikolaj. He was born on 26th June, weighing in at 7lb 7oz. His proud parents hope to bring him to meet the pilgrims this summer!

Congratulations to Frances Dean who has become a grandmother once again! Joshua was born on 18th June.

Please forward any information for these columns to: Andy Ollard


Maurice Hickman is planning a mini-reunion just a fortnight after we finish this year’s pilgrimage — Sunday 10th September. Maurice says he’s always fancied a mini-reunion shortly after a pilgrimage!

Here are the details: The starting point is the same as this year’s pilgrimage. Meet at the Cathedral of Our Lady and St Philip Howard in Arundel for 11am mass. After mass assemble outside the Cathedral to start walk at 12 noon.

Lunch is at the Bridge Inn, near Amberley. Tea at Arundel, if possible.

The full distance is 12 miles, however there is a distance to suit everyone.

Maurice is also passing details of the day’s arrangements to the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers’ Club so this will be an opportunity to meet others who are enjoy walking!

Maurice suggests that those coming from London should catch the 09:02 train from Victoria which stops at East Croydon 09:23, Redhill 09:38, Gatwick 09:47, Three Bridges 09:52 and Horsham 10:04.

He hopes pilgrims will be able to find their way to Arundel Cathedral. The 09:02 Victoria train arrives at Arundel at 10:31. For those joining at the lunch place the 12:02 from Victoria is most convenient. This arrives at Amberley at 13:27. The timings are the same as for the 09:02 train.

From Brighton the 09:23 train (Portsmouth Harbour Section) arrives Barnham 09:52 to connect with 10:07 from Barnham (originates Portsmouth Harbour 09:29 and Chichester 09:59) to Arundel (arrives 10:20).

For those who may be unsure, Arundel Cathedral is fairly easy to find as you merely turn left at the main road outside the station and go straight ahead for about 1 mile.


Fr Hans Burgman inspired and encouraged Fr Bill to organise the first walking pilgrimage back in 1975. This year Fr Hans has organised a fifty day walking pilgrimage from Mombassa, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda to commemorate the centenary of the first East African Mill Hill Missionary Caravan of 1895.

Fr Hans lived and worked in the Kisumu Slums in Kenya until two years ago when he became parish priest of the parish to which the slums belong. So he is now trying to upgrade all the programmes to turn them into parish programmes. He says that it is all extremely exciting. Fr Hans is still painting and even started an Art Academy in the Slums!

On 22 June 1895 Bishop Hanlon and his 5 companions began their epic walk to Kampala; they arrived on 6th September. Like the first missionaries, Fr Hans’ fellow pilgrims will follow the ancient route known as the Old Uganda Road, a total distance of 1400km (870 miles). They set out on 19th July and hope to finish on 6th September.

Our prayers are with them on their journey!