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 Dear Pilgrims,

The plans  for the St Dunstan’s Pilgrimage to Bath are going well: Aidan and Patrick Tierney have been working hard to locate suitable halls most of which appear to have excellent facilities.  Of course there is always the prospect of a Roman bath at the end! Alas it is not likely we will be able to take the waters’ in Jane Austin fashion although  Pilgrims are known to do the unexpected ( Patrick and Steve O’Shea at Bodiam castle I recall).

Those of you that are planning a day  I’m sure will be working on your proposed route by now or very soon anyway before Maurice chases you to see if your lunch stop accords with the  CAMRA guide! I am going to Bath in March so I will put up a few warnings of our visit and perhaps a few early orange arrows!!

At Chichester we are arranging to use a hall for registration to avoid the problems with vehicles at the Cathedral. The rest days on the Isle of Wight and Salisbury should be good. The hall on the Isle of Wight isn’t far from the sea and I know that Salisbury Cathedral is trying to increase the number of visitors with such incentives as champagne breakfasts so we should be very well received.

In reading about St Dunstan two aspects of his life struck me; firstly his vigour for reform of the church, chiefly the monasteries, and secondly how well respected and honoured he was both in his lifetime and after his death.


Bath Abbey


The calls for his sainthood commenced almost immediately on his death. His sufferings appear very human; illnesses, personal relationships, struggles in his spiritual life and yet he grew strength  from the very  real presence of God working in his life.  St Dunstan shared the view of Celtic Christians that separation of ones life e.g. work, spiritual, social was inaccurate and contrary to God’s reality.

  The Abbey is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul who’s statues stand on either side of the door. It is the only Cathedral dating from the Tudor era. Hopefully like Dunstan we can be apostles on our pilgrimage bringing people closer to Christ.




 Many congratulations to Julian Farmer & Betsy Earley who are getting married on 24th April 1999, at St Josephs Catholic Church, Guildford. All Pilgrims are welcome to the service, which starts at 2pm. The pilgrimage has lost touch with the following pilgrims; if anyone knows their whereabouts can they please get in touch with Bill Haynes

Jo Gunby (nee Hennessy), previously of Hampton Wick, Surrey

Moggy (Moira) Stephens, previously of Sutton, Surrey

Anthony & Alice Morewood-Leyland, previously of Billericay, Essex

Julie Heng (nee D’Arcy), ‘fragile’, previously of Kelsall, Cheshire

Marjorie Hopkins, previously of Peacehaven, Sussex

Sarah Lane, the great washer up, previously of Bedford

John White (widower of Fern White) previously at Harrietsham, Kent

Mrs Fee McBride (nee Morehead) previously of Wells, Somerset

Many thanks.A group called pilgrimage 2000 are proposing a walking pilgrimage to Canterbury from sites all over the UK, to celebrate the millennium. The plans suggest that the average day will cover ~20miles, stopping roughly every two hours for prayer, and carrying on into the night with the aid of blazing torches. Pilgrims will be expected to provide for their own food and welfare, though tentage will be provide for those staying overnight! Anyone wanting more information (or maybe to offer them some help / advice on planning) can contact them at:

 Pilgrimage 2000,                                                           Tel: 0171 221 7166

128 Kensington Church St

London W84BH


Bad news folks there’s another six hours to go!




Our reunion was organised by Pat Donachie, ably assisted by Joan, Milly, Mary Wilkey’s daughter, Rebecca and various ancillary volunteers.  In September I accompanied Maurice Hickman with some members of the St Francis Club in walking out the Reunion Walk and arranging the lunch stop at Bletchley.

We met at Redhill in St Joseph’s Hall on the evening of Friday 13th November 1998.  Many pilgrims had already gathered when I arrived with Jules’ umbrella, the music books, and Monica’s luggage.  She would be joining us the following day.  Soup & rolls were provided by Joan.  The bar tender was, as expected, kept busy!

Pilgrims had brought crosses from many past pilgrimages with them.  These were identified and dated by Brenda, Gillian and Monica.  Brenda also brought an album of photographs from past years.  We noted how some pilgrims had changed and aged!  Some, however seemed to appear just the same as when first recorded on camera!

A large crowd settled to watch the pilgrimage video, but due to problems with the TV set, a last minute reschedule was required so David Cosham once again projected his collection of colour slides taken during the pilgrimage weeks.  It gave me some time to exchange news with Sheila Tilley.  I still hadn’t identified Ruth Allanson in the Glastonbury photos, who married Alan Tilley.

The night was very cold, and as I was sleepless as usual, I was occupied in re-activating the main hall heaters every two hours.  Despite this and being close to a radiator, Anne Leonard went to bed wearing everything to keep warm.

On Saturday we enjoyed a good walk despite lost arrows at one point which resulted in a large group of us doing a couple of extra miles on our own version of the route.  At the lunch stop we met Peter Whipps and others unable to remain with us this time.

With a new lone TV installed the ‘edited’ (extended?) video of the pilgrimage, made by Patrick Reeve could at last be seen.  A most grand evening meal was provided by the organising team, with much decoration of the tables and hall, largely provided by Milly.

After dinner a Barn Dance was provided.  This gave the opportunity for a certain pilgrim to play a human version of the “Rhino Reich” game.  It was otherwise enjoyed by many.  Perhaps I could try dancing with Joan on some occasion devoid of “uncorked” assistance, in both cases, and see if it would make any improvement to performance.

After another cool night for those able to stay on, the catering team were wakeable to perform the breakfast ritual on Sunday morning.  After this, pilgrims were able to attend the Mass in St Joseph’s Church, and meet Fr. John Medcalf, the new parish priest.  Then it was clear up, pack up, throw out the bottles , and render goodbyes for this year.  Most pilgrims expressed a hope to join us again in August 1999.

Many thanks to the organisers and caterers involved in conducting the 1998 reunion.


                                                                 Peter Storrow



If anyone would like a copy of the St Michaels Mount Pilgrimage Video please contact Patrick Reeve