P1975 - The Holy Year Pilgrimage
P1976 - The Pilgrims Way Pilgrimage
P1977 - The Walsingham Pilgrimage
P1978 - The Glastonbury Pilgrimage
P1979 - The 2nd Canterbury Pilgrimage
P1980 - The Buckfast Pilgrimage
P1981 - The St Wilfrids Pilgrimage
P1982 - The Buckfast Centenary Pilgrimage
P1982P - The Papal Pilgrimage
P1983 - The Evesham Pilgrimage
P1984 - The Lindisfarne Pilgrimage
P1985 - The Birthdays Pilgrimage
P1986 - The Bath Pilgrimage
P1987 - The 2nd Walsingham Pilgrimage
P1988 - The 3rd Canterbury Pilgrimage
P1989 - The St Richards Pilgrimage
P1990 - The 2nd St Richards Pilgrimage
P1991 - The 2nd Glastonbury Pilgrimage
P1992 - The St Davids Pilgrimage
P1993 - The Norwich Pilgrimage
P1994 - The Hereford Pilgrimage
P1995 - The Martyrs Pilgrimage
P1996 - The 3rd Buckfast Pilgrimage
P1997 - The St Augustines Pilgrimage
P1998 - The St Michaels Mount Pilgrimage
P1999 - The St Dunstans Pilgrimage
P2000 - The St Chads Pilgrimage
P2002 - The Ss Chad & Cedd Pilgrimage
P2003 - The St Richard Anniversary Pilgrimage
P2004 - The Chester Pilgrimage
P2005 - The Winchester Pilgrimage
P2006 - The Lincoln Pilgrimage
P2007 - The Wells-Arundel Pilgrimage
P2008 - The Salisbury Pilgrimage
P2009 - The Lindisfarne Pilgrimage
P2010 - The St Davids Pilgrimage
P2011 - The Newman Pilgrimage
P2012 - The Exeter Pilgrimage
P2013 - The Walsingham Pilgrimage
P2014 - The Liverpool-Carlisle Pilgrimage
P2015 - The Arundel Pilgrimage
P2015F - Festival 50 Pilgrimage
P2016 - Canterbury Pilgrimage
P2016M - Mercy Pilgrimage
P2017 - St Winefrides Pilgrimage
P2018 - The Buckfast Memoriual Pilgrimage
P2019 - Saint Hildas Pilgrimage
P2019M - Mini Pilgrimage

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