Antony Morwood-Leyland, RIP

We have recently learnt of the death of Antony Morwood-Leyland. Tony was pilgrimage coordinator in 1984 and 1985, the first coordinator after Bill Haynes retired (the first time), before we realised how onerous a job it was. This experience led to the current committee approach to organising the pilgrimage and sharing the load, much of which Tony tried to bear alone.

More recently, Tony walked with the Portsmouth Diocesan Pilgrimage (a spin-off from ours) and was Membership Secretary for the Confraternity of St James.

Read the notice from the Basingstoke Gazette

Our prayers are with Tony’s widow Alice (who journeyed with us in the early 1980s), sons Robert (who came as a baby in 1984) and Ed.

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