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Pat Donachie’s Funeral Arrangements

Pat and Keith’s daughter Andrea writes:

For all those who would like to attend, Mum’s funeral will be at 10am on Thursday 19th April at St. Joseph’s Church, Redhill. We will just be having family flowers, but if you would like to make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society, we have set up a JustGiving page.

There will be refreshments available afterwards (the family will go to the crematorium and return for a drink and a toast to Mum’s life).

Mum was a bright and colourful lady, so please don’t feel you need to wear black.

On the JustGiving page the family share:

On Wednesday 28th March 2018, our lives were changed forever with the loss of our beautiful Mum, Pat Donachie.

Mum had suffered with Alzheimer’s, which is a disease that impacts not only the individual, but the family who love and support them. It’s incredibly tough watching someone succumb to the devastating consequences of this disease: the loss of their memories, their confidence, their physical strength and their understanding of the world around them.

Our amazing Dad was Mum’s carer – this isn’t something you train for, or prepare for – Dad did it because he loved her through and through. And he was brilliant. But it was also hard.

With support from the Alzheimer’s Society, Dad received advice, information and accessed local services that gave both him and Mum a safe and fun place to be – Mum never stopped being the smiling, social butterfly she always was.

We want to ensure that other families, who will be touched by Alzheimer’s, have local support services that will give them the understanding they need.

Funds are being cut, and as the population increases, the prevalance of Alzheimer’s in the community will rise. We really need to create better services – everyone deserves them.

If you would like to help us raise money in Mum’s memory and to support other families with access to this wonderful network of support, then donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.

Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Thank you, with love from Rachel, Andrea, David, Keith and most importantly, Mum xxxxx

 Support their cause through this link

Pat Donachie RIP

It is my sad task to report that another pilgrim has reached the end of their journey on this earth: Pat Donachie, with her husband Keith, was a regular from 1988 until 2011, and was much loved by us all.
On Thursday 29th Pat and Keith’s daughter Rachel posted on Facebook:

Yesterday, heaven claimed another of its finest souls. Proper Yorkshire through and through, our amazing Mum fought through illness right until the end. This photo was taken last summer – I love how she’s in front of all of us; smiling, enjoying every minute of being with the family she adored. She gave so much of her life to caring for others and set a life-long example to the rest of us. I’d like to think that the crazy weather and skies yesterday was Mum’s way of shaking things up as she joined all the other precious people up there in that ‘party in the sky’. Mum, the enormity of our loss is unfathomable, the gratefulness for the life you had and the love you gave is eternal ❤

I’m sure Danny won’t mind me sharing this happy picture of Pat with Keith on the pilgrimage:

Maurice broke the news on Facebook on Thursday evening and in the many comments the terms “lovely lady”, “good friend” and “she’ll be missed” recur. Pat was a true pilgrim, though the last few years had been hard for her; we pray that she is now at peace, and for Keith and all their family.

I will try to find some historic photos of Pat – if you have any please pass them to me and I will share on this page.

My personal memory of Pat is from the first day of the 2008 Salisbury Pilgrimage, when Pat got stuck in some very deep mud and we both got rather grubby extricating her. Memorable because Pat wasn’t normally one to be the centre of a drama – I remember her for her concern for everyone else’s wellbeing.

The earliest picture of Pat and Keith on the pilgrimage – 1988 at Annecy Achool, Seaford

Rest in peace, Pat.

The Buckfast Millennium Pilgrimage

All the halls have now been booked with the exception of Exmouth on Wednesday 22/08/2018 where we are hoping to switch to Kenton and should be in place shortly. Our thanks go out to Chris Nussbaum, Clare Neal, Suzy Duffy-all new to hall booking-and Sue Adilz for their sterling work.

The route planners for each day’s walk have chosen their day and John Chenery is waiting to receive the results of their walkouts. Peter Whipps has asked planners to submit any information they find out about local transport connections that non walkers could use on their days. Likewise any information on churches on route will be appreciated by our church liaison team, Ann Lavelle on week one and Susan McCabe on the second week.

Arrangements are in place for our first day in Salisbury. Registration will be in St Paul’s church foyer and the induction service will be at the Trinity chapel in the cathedral. Clare Gamble has produced the poster and application form and they will soon are now on the website.

Ceri Potts has bravely come forward to take charge of the catering arrangements for the second week. Ceri will take charge of the evening meal while yours truly will look after the breakfasts.

Mary Fuller has informed me that Gill Henderson our senior walking pilgrim is receiving treatment for liver cancer and asks that we remember her in our prayers. She is currently staying with her daughter in Brighton. Let us hope she makes a speedy recovery and can join us for some at any rate of this year’s pilgrimage.

Francis O’Sullivan

Fr Peter Madden RIP

As we prepare to welcome Fr Peter’s body into his church at Dover ahead of his funeral tomorrow, I thought I should dig into the archives for some memories of the times Peter walked with us.

Fr Peter with Bill Haynes’ mum Madge, walking through the hopfields into Canterbury, 1976.

Fr Peter with Dominic O’Hara (now Fr Dominic) in Arundel Park setting out for Walsingham in 1977.

Fr Peter with Anne Coleman one lunchtime closer to Walsingham

Fr Peter contemplating another beer at Bosham as we set out for Glastonbury in 1978.

Fr Peter with Susan McCabe (Nee Martin) at Quarr Abbey, also 1978.

Have all those pub stops caught up with him? Fr Peter resting before ascending Glastonbury Tor.

Ten years later, Fr Peter welcomes us to Kent (and to his Southwark Diocese) as we make our 3rd Canterbury Pilgrimage.

Nearer to Canterbury, Fr Peter is walking with us.

(All photos by Bill Haynes RIP)

Father Peter Madden RIP

Peter Madden walked with us on some of our earliest pilgrimages, and remained good friends with several pilgrims for the following decades.

From the Southwark Diocesan website:

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Father Peter Madden who died on Saturday 16th December 2017

May he rest in peace

Funeral arrangements:

St Paul’s Catholic Church, Dover (CT16 1RU)

Reception of Body into the Church
Sunday 21st January 2018, prior to a Parish Mass at 5pm

Funeral Mass
St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church Dover (CT16 1RU)
Monday 22nd January 12noon

Update 2 Jan 18

Archbishop Peter Smith will preside at The Funeral Mass on Monday 22nd at Midday. Fr Peter asked to be buried in Canterbury City Cemetery, Westgate Court Avenue, Canterbury CT2 8JL. We estimate the cortege will arrive there at 2.15. Fr. Peter was very keen on everyone, all of you and ministers and people from other churches, being invited to a reception in Dover Town Hall. A hot meal will be served, for those not going to the cemetery, from 1.45 and then again at about 3.30 for those who travelled to Canterbury. If you are not going to go to the cemetery please consider going along to the first sitting to welcome Fr Peter’s guests and clerical friends.

Caterer Needed!

We have a vacancy for a caterer for the second week of the pilgrimage as our regular is unavailable this year. No pay, but you get a free place and the satisfaction of helping the pilgrims complete their journey. If interested please contact our coordinator Francis for details.

Latest News, October 2017

We have just had the AGM at Redhill but before we go into detail on the year ahead it may be nice to look back on this year’s pilgrimage to Holywell. Bruce’s championship of north Wales was inspired.It brought us to part of the country that few of us have walked before and the quietness and low key charm of Anglesey contrasted nicely with the more spectacular delights of the mainland starting with the purple peaks of Snowdonia, the stone circle above Conwy, the ancient yew tree at Llangernyw church and the nearby museum, the Jesuit retreat of St Beuno’s, the friary and shrine of Padre Pio at Pantasaph, the view of the Dee estuary from the Clyweddian hills and finally St Winefride’s well at Holywell. Apart from Bangor accommodation was fine – it would not be pilgrimage without one tight fit. I would like to thank all the pilgrims  especially the newcomers for helping out and doing those jobs that have to be done to make the day to day running of the pilgrimage go so smoothly.

Now the AGM.

Fr. Tony Milner from Dorking attended the AGM and will be our new RC chaplain. Welcome Tony. It is hoped Fr David will still come along as part of the support team.

Those of us on the second week will already know that Chris Nussbaum has with some arm pulling  come forward as our trainee coordinator with a view to take over in 2019. Congratulations Chris.

Anne Lavelle one of our church liaison team was concerned that we were not properly appreciating the trouble that the local volunteers and church wardens go to to open their churches for us. It has been decided that we make a donation from pilgrimage funds to each church that receives us. This will result in a small increase in the cost of our pilgrimage.

Other suggestions for next year: Tineke will bring address labels for luggage as most of us forget to put them on. Simon was happy with a more standardised lights out and rise time-timings permitting-and thinks it might be a good idea to have a grace at breakfast when the hot food is brought out.

At the AGM it was decided to go for a pilgrimage to Buckfast Abbey in Devon as it is the abbey’s 900th anniversary. Peter had suggested Peterborough, that might be suitable for another year.

Peter our alternative transport officer was unhappy that day planners this year had not supplied him with any information on transport alternatives for their days. Let’s hope this year day planners remember to do so.

Bruce and Hazel are happy to do a week’s catering next year and Bruce is happy to make the crosses and do a day’s route planning. Alison has however let us know that she will not be able to do the second week’s catering. On behalf of all the pilgrims I would like to thank Alison for all she has done for the pilgrimage over the years -no small part in making the pilgrimages such a pleasant experience.

Steven Knowles has come forward to be our accommodation officer or hall finder and Suzy Duffy and Clare Neal have offered to help out.

John Russell is happy to be our driver again.

Gill and Mary Fuller are organising this year’s reunion in Chichester on the weekend of the 27th to 29th of October.We will be based at the the 5th Chichester Scout Hut on Whyke Rd PO19 8HS. Application forms will be on line shortly. All past and recent pilgrims and any prospective pilgrims are welcome. Payment can be made on the weekend.

Could everyone remember Gillian in your prayers as she is currently undergoing a chemotherapy course and would be happy to hear from anyone who knows her.

Francis O’Sullivan, Coordinator

Pilgrimage Reunion 2017

Save the date! This year’s reunion will take place in Chichester over the weekend 27-29 October. More details will follow shortly. Reunions are not restricted to those who participated in the current year’s pilgrimage, but open to pilgrims past, present and future. Be there!