Festival 50 Jubilee Celebration Pilgrimage Completed

Our pilgrimage to celebrate 50 Years of the Arundel & Brighton Diocese and join the Festival 50 celebrations at the Amex Stadium near Brighton was completed successfully. You can see details with photos on the diary page which will probably grow over coming days as new photos are received (if you have additional photos please let us know and we’ll add them).

If you were a pilgrim on this pilgrimage, we’d love to hear about your experience (good and not so good) – leave a public comment here or send a private message.

3 thoughts on “Festival 50 Jubilee Celebration Pilgrimage Completed”

  1. Thank you for organizing this pilgrimage. The advertisement was very good and it was very well organised. I enjoyed meeting so many people and having the chance to walk with them with a common purpose. I felt at home. Thank you! Look forward to joining you next year

  2. The diary page does indeed now have some new photos, plus lots of new text, and the photos are in the correct order!

  3. A big thanks to the organizers for the hard work, a big thanks to God for making this pilgrimage so wonderful, faithful, full of joy. A big thanks to all pilgrims for being so helpful and friendly! Looking forward to the next pilgrimage…..

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