Halfway to Canterbury

Our 2016 Pilgrimage from Winchester to Canterbury is almost halfway through, the pilgrims are at Worth Abbey after 6 walking days.

All the details, including the crowd-sourced diary, are on the 2016 sub-site – you can find out where/when to meet the pilgrims and maybe walk a while with us, or follow the diary as we make our way towards Canterbury.

The GPX files have made a late appearance, if you want to track down the pilgrims. Apologies for the delay in uploading these.

2 thoughts on “Halfway to Canterbury”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 sectors Horsham to Tumbridge Wells. Met some wonderful people, saw some beautiful sights and heard some ‘unusual sounds’ at night. Lol.
    Sorry I had an unexpected early departure which was unavoidable.
    Safe onward Pilgrimage and you will be collectively be in my prayers.
    Jim M

    1. Jim, “unusual sounds” at night? Those must have been the tawny owls! I hear them too in T. Wells.
      Marion…..(the lightweight pilgrim-for-a-day)

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