Peter Storrow, RIP

Another pilgrim has reached his destination: Peter Storrow, who walked with us every year from 1990 to 2004. His brother-in-law, Phil Neal, writes:

Peter passed away at the Sussex County Hospital last
Saturday (16th April)  at 3pm. He had been in care for just over 6 months.
The cause of death was heart failure, leading to multiple organ breakdown. Basically, the heart itself had ceased to function properly, for which there is no treatment, apart from a heart transplant. At 77 years of age that was not going to happen, especially under under the NHS. Considering he had his first heart attack at the age of 49, he hasn’t done too badly, I would say.
The funeral will be on Wednesday 4th May at 12 o`clock at St. Joseph`s, Brighton, followed by burial just up the road at the Brighton & Preston (Downs) cemetery. There will be a “do” after, likely to be at the Garden Centre on the Race Hill.
It would be great to see some pilgrims there

Peter’s funeral will be at St Joseph’s, Elm Grove, Brighton at 12 noon on Wednesday 4th May. Patrick tells me it’s about 20 minutes walk from Brighton Station.

I’ve dug out a few pictures from the archives.


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5 thoughts on “Peter Storrow, RIP”

  1. Sad news. Peter was always so cheerful and helpful especially with the tea urn! He did a great job as fire officer and lights out too. RIP Peter. we are sure there will be lots of jobs for you to do in heaven. God Bless x

  2. Very sad to learn of Peter’s passing. As Lesley has pointed out Peter was a leader in the world of helping hands and despite his heart condition threw himself into several tasks, including one year the arduous task of driving the van. He was also a member of the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers from 1993 – 94 to 2005 – 06 and I have incorporated his brother in law’s touching memorial in an obituary on the club website.

  3. Peter was a really lovely and very interesting man. He was always ready to help so that we all had wonderful pilgrimages. May he rest in peace.
    Kind regards
    Milly Gold x

  4. To Phil Neal and Cecily and family,
    Condolences on the sad loss of Peter who was such an encouragement to all us ramblers on our onward journey in this earthly pilgrimage.
    Thank you for your kind welcome at St. Joseph’s and at the Garden Centre. Mass will be offered for Peter on June 10th 1.05 at Westminster Cathedral.
    God bless,
    Catherine Scott London

    1. Dear Catherine
      Thank you so much for the Mass on 10th June for my brother Peter. I shall endeavour to get there!
      Fanni Haragan

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