St. Winefride’s Pilgrimage 2017

This year The Arundel and Brighton Ecumenical Walking Pilgrimage is making its way to St Winefride’s shrine at Holywell, North Wales (“the Lourdes of Wales”).  We will start our Pilgrimage in Bangor then, after a circle round Anglesey, we will be going via Conwy and St Asaph on to our final destination at Holywell, following parts of the Anglesey Coast Path, Wales Coast Path and North Wales Pilgrims Way and visiting several Holy Wells on the way.    2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation.  We adopt the symbol of the  ecumenical movement, a boat afloat on the sea of the world with its mast in the form of a cross, whilst also reflecting on the lives of those Welsh Saints who touched the places we will be walking through.

Please see the linked poster and application form.

Pilg poster 2017

Pilg application form 2017

Please note that, although the poster refers you to the website for full details, I currently have no more information than is on the poster / form. As it becomes available, I will post it on the website.

8 thoughts on “St. Winefride’s Pilgrimage 2017”

  1. Thanks for this. I have come to the conclusion that it would have been better to start from Anglesey rather than Bangor as we will be going through Bangor twice.

    I and Francis will be sharing a twin-bedded room in Holyhead in a licensed place called The Beach Hut over Easter and planning two of the pilgrim walks in Anglesey.

    My sister has told me that the Wetherspoon in Bangor used to be the Catholic Church. Pilgrims may be truly blessed if they go in there!

    Best Wishes to everyone


  2. We intend to catch a train from Bangor onto Anglesey on the Sunday morning before we start walking so that sort of meets your preference, Maurice! Happy Eastertide walking.

    Aidmin – can we now change the website masthead and the right hand panel, please?

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for that. Anyone who wants to explore the Wetherspoon, I suppose, will be able to do so on the Saturday evening. On the second walking day the Good Beer Guide states that my proposed lunchtime pub is closed on Mondays so I may have to try some persuasion on the Landlord or Landlady to open it specially for us otherwise it will be tea and cakes which, of course, may suit some people.


  3. Hi Aid
    You’ve probably only just received the poster/ application details which refer to the website – stating the obvious – header needs changing to 2017 and possibly a more prominent link to St Winefride at the top and centre of the first page.
    Do you know if this is being linked in or publicised onto any other walking / pilgrimage websites / advertised into the diocese?
    With the publicity coming out so late (with the chance that possible new pilgrims won’t be able to get work holiday availability now), anything that tries to recover lost ground will be a good thing. …. unless the halls are small limiting spaces?
    Good luck overworked one.


    1. Patrick,
      Bruce recommended a maximum of 50 for the nights on Anglesey so there may be some limits.

  4. Great to finally be on your mailing list. Despite three months of trying to contact you regarding this pilgrimage, sadly, I have now made other plans. I ask again are people from Australia eligible to be part of this pilgrimage? Perhaps next year I may be able to join you. God bless enjoy.

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