Fr Peter Madden RIP

As we prepare to welcome Fr Peter’s body into his church at Dover ahead of his funeral tomorrow, I thought I should dig into the archives for some memories of the times Peter walked with us.

Fr Peter with Bill Haynes’ mum Madge, walking through the hopfields into Canterbury, 1976.

Fr Peter with Dominic O’Hara (now Fr Dominic) in Arundel Park setting out for Walsingham in 1977.

Fr Peter with Anne Coleman one lunchtime closer to Walsingham

Fr Peter contemplating another beer at Bosham as we set out for Glastonbury in 1978.

Fr Peter with Susan McCabe (Nee Martin) at Quarr Abbey, also 1978.

Have all those pub stops caught up with him? Fr Peter resting before ascending Glastonbury Tor.

Ten years later, Fr Peter welcomes us to Kent (and to his Southwark Diocese) as we make our 3rd Canterbury Pilgrimage.

Nearer to Canterbury, Fr Peter is walking with us.

(All photos by Bill Haynes RIP)