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  1. My name is Marina, I am from Burgos in Spain. Marie Urbancikova told me about your pilgrimage, I have read about it in your webpage and I found it perfect. So, I would like to enrol for the pilgrimage to Canterbury this year. What do I need to do? Can I enrol even if I am from Spain? I have been a volunteer in Santiago’s Way many times, and now I am the supervisor (helping the priest) in one church pilgrim’s house . Could you tell me ASAP so I can book my flight ticket?

    1. Hello Marina. Have you been able to download the booking form yet? If you want you can e mail me your details and then I will make sure you are booked in.
      I’m sorry I didn’t reply before, but there was a problem with me viewing these messages, but it seems to be sorted out now.

      Regards Clare Gamble

      1. I hope everything is ok and you got my message this time and everything is ok as I have already got the flying ticket.
        looking forward to meeting you

        1. All sorted now Marina. I am making enquiries about someone being able to meet you at Heathrow. We have plenty or room at our house if you would like to spend Friday night with us.

          Clare Gamble

  2. Hi,
    We’d also like to join you if possible – we are coming from South Africa. Does it matter if we are not Roman Catholic? Unlike Marina we have no qualifications other than enthusiasm … is there space for 2 of us?
    Chris and Caroline

  3. Hi,
    I would love to walk this pilgrimage. I have completed the Camino France’s and enjoyed the spiritual aspect. Can you let me know if there are places still available? I’m from N. Ireland.
    Many thanks,

  4. Hi
    I am interested in the pilgrimage but could only commit to part of the dates eg 13 – 19 August.
    Do you accept partial participation?
    It seems fine from how the booking form is structured, but I would like to be sure.

    1. The closing date has passed, but if you contact the bookings Secretary (details on the booking form) she’ll know where we are at with numbers.

  5. Hi
    The booking form just has the address of Clare Gamble.
    Is there an email address that I can use to ask her whether there is still space for 13-19 August?
    My number is 07405826077

    1. You can e mail me on claregamble@aol.com but I’m not at home so I don’t have the spreadsheet at hand to look at. Somebody has dropped out today by e mail but I haven’t been onto my laptop to see how that affects numbers. My phone number is 01420 562234. I’m out for a bit but I’m this evening.

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